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Lately, I have not been able to escape the news story of “Marriage Equality”. It is there every time I turn on the TV. My thoughts on this issue will become clear by the end of this post. Growing up in California shaped the way I feel and felt about a lot of things. I have homosexual friends and family; don’t care; their business. When California had Prop 8 to ban same-sex marriage. I voted yes on it. Made a lot of people mad, but that is how I felt at the time. A friend of mine is a lesbian, and I don’t care. I hear a lot of “hardcore Republicans” say ‘it destroys traditional family values’ and how can ‘a homosexual family raise a normal child?’ Who amongst us can define normal? Who are we to say what’s normal and what isn’t? Hell, even senators have done some homosexual things. Anyone remember Mark Foley and his Congressional Page? Or Larry Craig and his “wide stance”? My living in Utah and being a Libertarian has shaped my feelings on this issues. My feelings are this: Should homosexual be allowed to marry? WHO THE HELL CARES? What two legal, consenting people do in their own damn house is their business. I say, if they love each other like a heterosexual couple does, and want to share that love for the rest of their lives, then fine. The government says to treat all people as equals to you. So then let the homosexuals marry. I don’t believe the so-called “studies” that have said homosexuals cannot raise a child. If heterosexual couples can raise a child to be a filthy drug addict who beats their lover, and abandons their kids, then what worse job can a homosexual couple do? Not to mention, that married couples pay more in taxes than a single lesbian or homosexual man will in their life time….. That has to appeal to the United States Government, right? More money? Not to mention that the founding documents state “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL….” I guess the big issue here is “Traditional Values” or “Family Values” being ripped apart. If single parents can raise a healthy child, then why can’t a homosexual couple raise one? If God created us in his image, then is God to blame for making homosexuals? The ancient Romans used to have sex with men when they couldn’t find a woman. It wasn’t until the “Christians” came along and told them that it was wrong, that they stopped. What is wrong with love? So a man loves another man, who the hell cares? If you love someone enough to want to be with that person for the rest of your lives, then go on! More power to ya! Just because you may not agree with it, does that mean that others shouldn’t enjoy it? What are your thoughts on the issue? Comment and let me know, but beware spam and trolls will be blocked. Thanks

Still no NHL

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Well, the commish and the head of the NHLPA met again today. Did they discuss the major issues? No. On Friday, they discussed steroids in hockey. No one uses them! I am convinced that Gary Bettman is a dictator.

He got everything he wanted in the last lockout, which is why there was no 2004-2005 season. This time the players are holding out. Bully for them, but at the same time, the fans have to suffer. The league wants a lower salary cap, which will force teams to cut their top players. I think that’s bullshoot!

There is another round of talks slated for Sunday, but I doubt there will be any talk of ending this damn, worthless, stupid, and all together wrong lockout.

As I have said before, I was not a big fan of hockey. Only in the last few years have I grown to love this sport. During the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, I became a fan on the LA Kings. Their climb from near bottom in the rankings to the eigth seed, to the kings of hockey, was a story I will not forget. The league, however, feels that by having a lockout will force us to buy more NHL mechandise, but the opposite will happen; it will drive us away.

For the last two weeks, I have been trying to find anything good about this lockout, but have come up short. Some bloggers say the only good thing about the lockout is not having to hear Pierre Mcguire talk to the players. Another said that the bandwaggons will jump to something else entirely, leaving us true fans the pleasue of having our teams to ourselves. I just want hockey back.

I have it so bad, that the prospect of watching “D2: The Mighty Ducks” on Disney is sounding like a good idea! I have been playing NHL games so much, that I see someone standing near something I want, and the idea of checking them into the boards has entered my brain!

Mr. Bettman, please end this lockout and give the fans their beloved sport back!

The NFL ref’s lockout

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Wednesday night brought an end to the NFL ref’s lockout. That was great news after that abortion of a call on Monday Night Football! Even if it did go against the digusting Packers, it was an error of Titanic porpotions.

Now if the NHL could follow suit……. I must admit, watching the three weeks of bad calls, or no calls at all was pretty entertaining, to say the least!

From what I read, the refs where pulled from high school, college and arena football leagues. Some even got fired from their positions in said establishments. The question begs to be asked, “Did the league not give them some type of training befor the games started, or did they use this as a matter of leverage on the refs?” In my opinion, the NFL refs won out in the end. Some of the refs looked like they where in the NHL for a spell, based on how terrible the calls where.

What are some of your thoughts and opinions on the NFL refs? Did they win, or did they cave in just to get a pay check?

The terms of the lockout where not made public at the time of blogging…

The state of television

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What is up with TV latley? Every channel now has no less than four”Reality” shows on it. I blame Survivor. Before that show, there was not one “Reality” show, aside from the news that is. Now anyone can be a “TV star” just by getting a “reality” show.

Now, I put the word “reality” in quotes, because you can watch the credits and see the word “WRITERS” just as plain as day. Since when has reality been scripted? Not to mention, over produced.

I’m not saying that they aren’t entertaining; I enjoy the History Channel’s program “Pawn Stars”, but do we really need a program that profiles yaoung childen as beauty queens? This blogger says no. Here’s why: I believe – and this is my sole opinion – it gives violent pedophiles a program in which to get their disgusting fantasies out. Not to mention the hell that plays with the young children’s psyche as they age.

I used to watch “Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels”, but after I saw a WRITER with his SCRIPT in his back pocket, I gave up on it. Some “reality” shows are good, if they are educational, like “Mail Call” which used to run when I was a child. I enjoyed that.

Let me know what your opinions are in the comment section. Thanks


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At the present moment, the meaning of life escapes me. It has been a year since I relocated to Utah, and in that time, I am a tad better off than I was in California.

I am still depressed that it has been a week since the National Hockey League went into a lockout. As I have mentioned before, it is trivial, but the sport gave me means of escape. I still have no job, but the help of friends and family is giving me strength. Not to mention my personal bastions of strength, President Reagan and Carl Sagan are who I turn to in times of need.

Yes, I am still semi-depressed, but each day above ground is a good day….right?

As I type this (in my pj’s) I am perplexed as to what life is, exactly. I suppose that question has been asked over a trillion of times since man first developed the ability to talk and think. Let me pose it again. What is the meaning of life?

I’m not saying that my life is any better or worse than anyother person’s on this pale blue dot, but at the moment, I would say it is tied.

My sister recently moved into her first home away from mom, so her life is pretty good, I’d say. My mother is happy and saddened by having the “empty nest” she has…..but is it really empty if she shares it with my aunts?

Am I wrong, or heartless for not wanting to help better the lives of kids in Africa? I see the commercials almost nightly, and I think ‘why don’t the celebrities who, in one day, make more money then I have ever seen in my life, help these poor kids?’ I am not employed, but even the thought of having any money does not make me want to help the kids for 50 cents a day, or what ever the cost….. Is it Karma?

I know people who have absolutley NOTHING to give, and yet they are happy as can be. Am I a product of my American materialistic upbringing? I do not believe so, as tomorrow I am taking my neighbour out to her various errands. I’m not asking for anything in return, as I was brought up to help others, for one day you may be the one who needs it.

Am I just a greedy, jaded bastard? Please comment and give me your opinion on this dillema; please. Thanks.

More adventures in childhood

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I just commented on a blog, and it reminded me of the fun times I had with my parents and video games.

My parents got me playing video games at a very early age; 3. Their favourite was Super Marion on the Nintendo Entertainment System. They would play it while us kids where at school. Then we could play after our homework was done.

My favourite memory playing video games was when I would play Duck Hunt. I was really good at shooting the ducks, but was always trying to shoot the damn dog! My friends had the NES, so we would trade and swap games, all the while leaving Mario for my parents. We had the original Three Stooges game, and I would roll with laughter when all the fingers, except for the middle was chopped off by the mouse trap. It was, and still is, extremely funny!

Often times my mom would come into my room while my brother and I where sleeping and ask us to help her beat this one level in Mario. She apologizes for it now, but I’m not bitter. In fact, I enjoy the memory.

My mother had a large collection (or obsession) of Mario games. She would play them all. From the originl on the NES, to number 3, to Super Mario All- Stars both with and without Yoshi’s World. Often times after dinner, her and I would play Yoshi’s World and take turns beating the levels where you unlocked the coloured blocks. Now she gets to share that experience with my nephew and he enjoys it almost as much as I did.

What are some of your favourite childhood memories that you want to share? Do they involve video games? Comment below and share. Thanks!

Bookends are important to a man’s life

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Bookends, not the kind your dad had in his study, but rather, what you do before starting the day, and before ending it, are important.

I am not a man who believes in superstitions, but I have my beliefs that if I don’t follow through with my routines, then the universe will punish me through the day.

My morning starts out with me rolling over, checking my messages, then I hope into the shower, dress and head out for coffee and food. After that, the day can start.

My evening routine is this: shave, grab a snack, watch some television while I record my thoughts in my journal, and finally blog; only if I haven’t blogged earlier in the day. Finally, it’s bedtime.

What are some of your routines, if you don’t mind sharing them. What do you think of my routines? Do you feel I am crazy or have OCD for believing the universe will punish me for not carrying them out? Comment and share. Thanks

Other drivers.

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As I sit here enjoying an early afternoon cigar, I reflected on the day’s first drive, and how much I despise the other drivers on the road.

First up are the morons who can’t understand “LEFT TURN ONLY” means just that. Nothing else. My favourite example of this came when just yesterday in fact, when some jack-penny ignaled to get into my lane, and then while at the green light for turning left, decides to go straight and almost plow headlong into a lady with a small child. Needless to say, the mother was not pleased.

Next up are the drivers who decide that the little blinky things on their car are too much of a hassle to be of any use to anyone, so they just cut over. Got to love that. But what really pisses me off, are the dickwashers that text while driving. I don’t cace if you want to kill yourself, just don’t text while you are behind me. If I see you doing it, I am going to slam on my breaks and let you buy me a new car.

I haven’t had my license long, and already I hate other people driving. In fact this is nothing new, as hating other drivers has come from long before having my ticket to ride. Hated that the other drivers in my hometown in Commiefornia figured the sidewalk was another turn lane. At least out here, a good 80- 90% of the drivers are decent. Not great, but when walking, they at least slow down before trying to hit you.

What are some of your pet peeves about driving? Feel free to share! Thanks

Hello, depression

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As I write this, I seem to be mildly depressed. The factors for which, I can only guess at. One cause is the lack of employment. The fact that my family and loved ones are over 700 miles away. I am not one for booze, and/or pills, but I am strong enough to overcome this. If I get word that the NHL is back, then it will go a long way to overcoming this.

I have a few friends who have suffered from this, and I have tried to help them. One way of getting over this, I’ve heard, is to take a walk around town; i do that almost nightly. I try to get out and be active in my community, which is strongly conservative, so that helps a little. Another contributing factor is that the women here are either stuck up, rude, in a relationship, or just plin dumb!

Sometimes I have to wonder if it is my lot in life to suffer… At least I have this blog to vent my fustration, right?

What are some ways you have helped, or had used to get over depression? Please feel free to share.

It’s a Lockout!

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As I pen this, the NHL is in a lockout; the forth such stoppage in the NHL’s history. The third to happen since Gary Bettman took over. For reasons that escape me, the owners gave him permission to make the lockout call if they couldn’t make an agreement. They should have said “Get the heck out”. From what I read online, the fans hate him, and the players dispise him, yet they decided to lockout until a CBA could be met.

If it is anything like the last lockout in 2004-2005, the dictator Bettman will get what he wants. I imagine it will be a 25% paycut, a deeper salary cap, and to split up the league. How are they hemmoraging money, if the NHL made record profits last season?

I must admit, I have been unfair to Mr. Bettman. It is not his fault that the team owners overspent their monies on everything. However, the deal with NBC was worth over 200 MILLION dollars, and for the first time ever, it brought every Stanley Cup playoff game into the home; first time that has ever happened.

Yes, in my humble opinion, the owners are as much to blame for the lockout as the Bettman. The owners want more money to cover their asses because they over spent and now want to remedy that. However, they must havfe failed economics 101, because the fans cannot pay to see something that is not there. How can the fans go to Winter Classic, if there is no Winter Classic to see? The NHL team owners and Bettman need to realize that without the games being played, they lose money, as do the sponsors, the networks, and the stadiums. Not to mention the fans who lose out on their favourite sport.

The NHL posted a record profit last season, yet the Commish said the league is hemmoraging money. How would you like it if your bosses came to you and said “We made a record profit” out of one side of his breath, and then the next asked you to lose 25% of your pay? If I where in that situation, I would be pretty pissed off.

What are your feelings on this issue? Should the Mr. Brettman get everything he wants, or should both sides make consessions? Comment and let me know, I would to hear your opinions. Thanks

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