My first blog!

In exploration, Space, UFOS on September 4, 2012 at 10:07 AM

Ok, this is my first blog, so be gentle.

I have decided to dedicate my first blog to the time I saw a UFO. No lie.
One night, while stargazing, and enjoying a pipe, I saw a UFO. I deduced that it was an Unidentified Flying Object by using simple logic. It was was too well organized to be a meteor, too small to be an aircraft of Earth origin. It had three lights, all in a row, blinking. I first thought that it was a star, but stars DON’T move through the sky (“shooting” stars are dead stars from millions of years ago). My next thought was that it was an airplane, as southern Utah has two airports, but no Earth plane is that small. I am fairly close to “Area 51” so I thought it was a military aircraft.
While in flight, it dip one way, and then the other side dipped a bit. Not a satelite. It then took off straight like the neighbour’s cat after I came out of the front door. So, not saying that it was a visitor from another world, (eventhough I believe we are not alone) it is, in fact, a UFO: Unidentified Flying Object.
I do believe in aliens, and the universe is infinite and keeps expanding, so it is possible that we have been, and are being visited from beings from another planet, or galaxy. Hell, maybe Battlestar got it right; SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN THE SHOW, BUT WANTS TO: maybe our ancestors are from another, more advanced planet, and they had to flee their galaxy and they decided to settle on this tiny little dust ball that was and is primitive. Who knows. I welcome, and listen to all view points, even those that differ from mine. Hell, until I was 21, I didn’t care for space, or sciences. It took my father passing away to get me to claim my nerdy-ness. For that I apologize, dad.
The research I did on the flightplath and size of the aircraft led me to believe that it was a UFO. All the sites I checked out had other, similar experiences. I am by no means a “UFO Watcher” or anything like that. I just know what I saw and now I believe.
For thoes wondering, it is the only one I’ve seen. I do not believe that I am being visited all the time (allthough I had a neighbour that does believe this, and am currently watching The X-Files as I post this) it was just a one off occurance. Maybe it was a military aircraft. Toole in the north has an army base, but this was going SOUTH to NORTH, not NORTH to SOUTH.
Who knows, maybe the Earth is inhabited by beings from Outer Space. If we are, it would account for about 99% of the politicians in this country…
Well that is it for me. Thank you for reading this first, of what I hope to be many blog posts.
Much respect to all of you!

P.S. Not all of my blogs will be about UFOs and/or space travel. It will be dedicated to the events that transpire in the given day. If that day is a bore, then it will be about whatever I can think up.

  1. Sayy whaaaaaa!!!! Lol

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