Welcome back, football

In Football, Minnesota, Vikings on September 5, 2012 at 5:16 AM

The NFL season starts again tomorrow. I am excited to watch the Minnesota Vikings, eventhough, I am sure that they will have a horrid season, if the last few years are any indication. I thought it was a bad move when they hired Brett Favre from the Jets. He turned me aound with an almost perfect season. Then he threw across his body and the Saints went to the Super Bowl. Felt that he should’ve stayed retired when Jared Allen and a few others went down to Mississippi to get him to have one more season. That was a bad idea, as was hiring Donovan McNabb. He didn’t last a full season with the team before being released. They have Christian Ponder at QB, and last year, he did alright.
Hanging in my closet is an Onterrio Smith jersey. He could’ve been somebody, but could not lay off the wacky tobacy. Too bad; Minnesota and the Vikings could’ve used his talents. I’m not taking anything away from Adrian Peterson, as he is a great running back, but seven fumbles in one season is not good.
Before my father passed away, he was a Pats fan. We would watch the games together, and every time the Vikings scored (which wasn’t often) I would yell, cheer and holler in delight. He would look at me and in that loving dad way he had, he would say “Shut up, boy” and we would laugh and go back to the game. I knew loved me, and that is what matters.
My brother is a 49’ERS fan, and he suffered through the absolutley horrible seasons they had after Steve Young retired. He was there for the bad, the horrid, and the down right UGLY seasons. He was there for their playoff run that ended in disaster after the ball hit the kick returner bounced it off his knee. I could only imagine the sorrow he must’ve felt.
Every season, I don the purple and gold and hope that Minnesota can pull it together and atleast get a winning season. In my heart, I know they can do it, but they must not feel it in theirs. Someone mentioned a “curse” that befell the team from Ancient Norse mythology. I cannot remember what it was, but it had to do with forur years of losing battles that had some connection with four failed Super Bowl appearences. I blame the Dallas Cowboyys for that (then un-reviewble) offensive pass interference for them losing their last appearence with “Scrambling” Fran Tarkenton.
Going to end on a high note, so SKOAL VIKINGS!

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