My Happy Life

In Family, humor on September 6, 2012 at 9:09 AM

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my Great Grandmother, and how she looked out upon the world.
When I was a kid, she had a way about her. She was the sweetest person I ever knew; never had a cross word about anyone, ever. She had a collection of bells lined up on a shelf in her living room. She always told me “Don’t ring them bells, my neighbours will get mad and I will have to move.” Of course, telling a five year NOT to do something, just means he HAS to do it.
We ould wait for her to leave the room, and then run over to the bells. To this day, I swear she had ESP. She would beat us to the halls EVERY SINGLE TIME, which is an amazing feat for an 80 plus year old Great Grandmother!
My favourite memory of her is her cooking. Keep in mind that she is 80 or more years old now… She would make “Apple Pie” for us kids. Mom would make the apple pie, and we refused to eat it. “It’s not how Great Grandma makes it” we would tell her. She’d spend all day making it for the family. Many times we did this, so much in fact, my mother finally called our Great Grandmother and asked her how she makes apple pie so us kids would eat it. After about a half hour, she finally stopped laughing and made us Great Grandma’s apple pie. Little did we know that it was just toast and apple sauce. When Great Grandma made it, she told us it was apple pie. We where five years and seven years old, so we didn’t know any better.
When we stayed the night, we had cerial in old butter tubs. We didn’t know how, but if Great Grandma had cerial in tubs, momma had to get it too, or so my sister and I felt. So, one day, my sister and I went with mom and my Grandmother for our monthly shopping trip. Mom asked what cerial we wanted. We said “Cerial like Great Grandma has!” Momma and Grandma stood at the end of the asile and my sister and I went searching for the tubs of cerial that Great Grandma had. After a few minetus of searching, a store clerk came over to ask hat we where looking for. Both my sister and I responded like young kids would: “Tubs of cerial like my Great Grandma has!” I will never forget the look of confusion and laughter that poor chap had. He looked over to the end of the asile to see both mom and Grandma rolling with laughter. Needles to say, we went home with a box of cerial, not the tubs we wanted. Years after her death, we realized that she kept the old butter tubs because she didn’t want the kids to break the bowls she had.
At least once a month, all of us would gather at my Great Grandma’s house, as tiny as it was, for a big family dinner. That was when she was happiest; a house full of kids!
When she was married, her “Meanier than a junkyard dog” of a husband (her words, not mine) came in to the restaurant where she wooked, demaning food for him and his friends. “Pearl, give us food” he shouted. She comes out and says “The kitchen’s closed, so you will have to take whatever we got.” He husband said “Fine, just get it out here NOW!”. So, my Great Grandma goes outside and begins to pull food from the garbage cans for the ruffians. She laid it at their table and walked away. The men ate it and rejoiced at how good it was. My great grandma just said, “Yep, sure was!”
She lived with my grandma and my uncles and mom for a while. My uncle had a bad habit of jumping down the stairs to wake up the house. My Great Grandmother would keep a pile of shoes by the foot of her bed. Every morning when he went down the stais she would wing a shoe at him. BAM! hit him in the head. She got so good, that she could get the shoes to do tricks; go between the door and frame, over the top of the doors. Each day he did it, she’d make him collect every one of the shoes put them back at the foot of the bed. To this day, he has not learned his lesson.
Sadly, she passed away a few days after my tenth birthday. Ripped a hole in my heart. I remember balling my eyes out forever. Absolutley ruined my birthday for me. I’m not complaining, as I had ten great years with her, and many , many laughs with her. I am convinced that there will never be another person like her, ever again. She was one in a billionz if not trillion! Christmas has not been the same since since we stopped going over there for dinner.
Probably my favourite memory of her and Christmas, is when she wanted a certian skein of yarn. That’s all she wanted. My uncles all chipped in, and sitting before her was a giant box. She opened it, there must have been 200 skeins of that yarn! It was all she wanted, but she never said how many of them she wanted!
I love you, Great Grandma . This pale blue dot was made better with your presence, and will never be the same without out you!


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