Missed Connection

In food, missed connections, possibilities, possibility, Train on September 7, 2012 at 9:33 AM

Latley, I have been thinking about a connection I had while on the train coming down here.
They sat across from me on the Amtrak during dinner. Her and her husband where from my new hometown. They made great dinner conversation. We talked about the weather, and how nice it is here. Both her and her husband where from here; born and raised. They offered me a ride once I got to Salt Lake, but we had arranged for the Greyhound to take me down.
She was very attractive, but she was, and for all I know, still is, married to her “scruffy bear.” I’m not trying to break up a happy cuple, just want to talk to her again.
Her hair was a bit of auburn, eyes to match. Fantastic natural body. She had chicken with white rice and white wine to match. Her husband had a steak and Bud Light to wash it down. I had a steak and scotch to chase.
I remember her, for reasons I cannot place. I don’t remember the companions I had for lunch. Some may say it is love that is causing me to remember her. You have to forget someone in order to remember them, right? I hope that someday in the future I can find her again. Not to try anything, but just to talk to her and her husband. They where extremly nice and very polite.
The fact that I remember her speaks volumes. Who knows, since they live in this town, or did at any rate, maybe I can find her walking the street one day, right?
I don’t know anymore about her, as I never got the chance to get their names, nor where they where going after the train stopped. They knew the area, as they where from here, but I have been unable to find them on my own…..not that I have been looking, of course.
I only hope that they are happy whereever they are and are happy whereever they are at. If I may be so bold as to assume that they are out there reading this, maybe they will remember me, and contact me somehow.
Let this be a lesson, kids. Always geet names, and/or exchange information.
Miss, if you are out there and happen to be reading this, give me a shout, I’d love to talk to you and your husband again, you seemed like real nice folk for that hour we spent dining together…..

  1. Loneliness is a motherfucker. Then again, what isn’t. You will find your “cosmic companion”, and when you do, that connection will be an immediate, emotionally bounteous one.

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