Pretty Good Cigar

In Cigars, smoking, tobacco on September 9, 2012 at 10:20 PM

While digging through an old box, I found some notes I took while smoking a cigar that my brother sent me sometime ago. I was bored, so I figured I would share it thoes of you who smoke cigars, in case this was a new one to you. Hope you find it useful!

Cigar: Isla Del Sol.
Taste is great, leaves a pleasent after taste on your tounge; even burn.
Light coloured ash, deep brown wrapper, pleasent scent, not over powering, not under whelming, just right.
The scent is hard to place; cherry, maybe? No harsh taste after I come in from outside, decent mix with actual coffee.
The cigar itself feels as if it’s properly humidified, that’s a plus.
Ash tends to crumble once it leaves the cigar body.
The coffee makes the coffee taste sweeter. The flavour stays on your tounge and lips long after you take a puff.
The ash produces a nice heat, not hot, but warm.
Not crazy about the band design: A sun with a face…..? (It does not effect the cigar itself, just noting it for record.
The cigar can sit a while and not need a relight. The cigar has developed an uneven burn. (That may be my error) The cigar is almost done and still has a nice flavour, no harshness. (Cigars get harsh at the end. Smoking outside, som I’m not detecting much of a room note. Can’t imagine much of a difference from the original scent, however.
Total smoking time: 55 mineuts


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