Thoughts About DragonBall

In anime, Dragonball, manga, thought on September 10, 2012 at 10:15 AM

After my previous blog reviewing a DragonBall movie, I thought I would share a few thought about the series.
When I was ten years old, a friend of mine asked if I had ever seen the seires. It was on Cartoon Network, so I figured I would watch it. That was 14 years ago, and I am still watching it!
Let’s start with the good: It was a fantastic series about good over evil. Just when all hope is lost, a fighter stands up to save the planet. Speaking of planets, just how many deserts, and barron wastelands are there in DBZ’s depiction of Earth? It seems that EVERY battle takes place in one.
As I have stated before, I never liked Goku. Thought that he was an ass. I did enjoy his child-like innocent nature, however. My favourite character was Vegeta. The take no guff, always ready to fight, rival of Goku. I came to like Goku- nay, respect him over the series run. Even in the original Manga of DragonBall, I could not stand him. Not even as a child. When I was 10, i had my first crush. Bulma Brief. I was 10, she was beautiful. I thought it was funny that Master Roshi was a perve, even though they toned it down for us American kids. I never understood how people could like Goku, eventhough he was a horrid father to Gohan, and later Goten; he always left to fight a battle, leaving Chi-Chi to rase both kids. Great going!
Vegeta settled down to have Trunks and later Bra (renamed Bulla.) which brings me to my next point: How could Bulma give birth to a flat chested girl who looks like Vegeta refuses to feed her. Wtf?
If you read my previous blog, you would know that I cannot stand Krillin. I felt that he was useless comic relief, and very weaak, compaired to the other fighters. Why? He lived with Master Roshi, who was the strongest fighter in his youth. Krillian later gets married, and has a daughter with Android 18. Did not like that saga, either.
Now lets talk about the bad.
DragonBall GT. All of it. Hated it, will not waste anytime on it other than to say that the people who wrote it must’ve been short of ideas.
Now the other: The movies made no sence, as they had no real backstory. Take the Tree of Might. How did the guys steal the tree’s seed, if it was supposed to be the food of The Eternal Dragon? If these guys could go to whereever he was, then what is the point of having the DragonBalls? And why didn’t Tesseres just wish for the tree? And for that matter, why didn’t the people who collected alln 7 balls just wish for eternal peace for Earth?
As I’ve said before, I know it’s a cartoon, but come on! Make some damn sence! I never got how Goku could die, and the other people never trained harder to be better. They just wished for Gouk to come back, or the Old Kai gave Goku his life to go back and save the planet for the billionth time!
In the manga, Bulma was used as a sex object, yet in the anime, they changed her as she was setup to be the role model for young girls. Ok, I understand that, however, I doubt that many girls spent their afternoons fresh from shcool to watch a TV show that centered around a funny haired, innocent boy and his friends. After the Cell, or maybe Android sagas, you hardly ever saw the future Mrs. Vegeta.i often wonder just want Goku saw in Chi-Chi. She was a shrew, and always yelled at Goku, not to mention that she never let Gohan do what he wanted, which was to be a great martiartist like his father.
I did like that Goku would always fight for his friends and family. That is what I respected in this cartoon character, if nothing else.
For reasons that I cannot figure out, the writers mad Vegeta, The Prince of all Sayains, the secondary characters. Maybe if Vegeta had trained more, he could’ve attained the level of Super Sayain 3, and not have to rely on Majin Buu to get anywhere near Goku] level for their fight.
Which leads me to my next poit: The Majin Buu saga saw the debut of Gotenks. The single most annoying character in all of DragonBall Z! I get that we was powerful, and with power comes cockiness, but man, when I watched that saga, I wanted Piccolo to shoot him in the head and just end it! I hated him I hated him when I read managa when I read that also. I loved the fat Majin Buu, but when he split and got absorbed by the Evil Majin Buu, I was hoping the good Buu would win. I never got how he could absorb the fighters, but I guess it is all in the magic of DragonBall.
Cell’s tail looked like a condom, but of course to an innocent 10 year old, I thought it looked like a baby’s bottle. I was 10 after all!
Given the link to DragonBall and my childhood, every time I watch it, I think back to the happiest time in my life. Thank you, Toryama for creating the single most enduring Anime in my life. For that you have earned my love. Even the parody you made was enjoyable!


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