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As I sit her watching TV, I think back to that magical day when I moved from California to Utah. It has been over a year since that day, now. I borded that Amtrak at 11:30 AM, but time stood still for me. I said goodbye to my sister, mother, aunt, and brother in law, all with tears in my eye. To be honest, I had never been away from my mother for more than a week at a time.
I clutched my family as tight as I could before that conductor shouted “ALL ABOARD!” I got on, found my seat and settled in for what was going to be a long ride. I didn’t have a companion, or other passenger until we got to Reno. A man borded, and we didn’t talk much, but I could feel he was a good guy; he was headed to Chicago, me to Salt Lake.
I had lunch on that train; an angus burger that was rather forgetable, as where the lunch companions. I paid for my meal and procedded back to my seat.
The scenery was as follows. Nothing noteable. It was all desert landscape, so once you got out of Reno, or even California, there was nothing to be seen.
The ride itself onboard the Amtrak was beautiful. The most comfortable ride I have ever been on. It was my first ride on a cross-country train, and I had read stories about Amtrak’s engineers where drunk, or worse, so I did not sleep. I had dinner where I met the lady from the blog post entitled “Missed Connection”. A $30 steak that was decent, but not one I would pay for again.
I arrived at Salt Lake City’s transit hub at 3AM, and even though I had to wait 5 hours for my Greyhound, I was wide awake! Outside the doors to this foreign land, I light my first pipe in over 16 hours. There where a few people headed to Sacramento, whre I had just left, soley for the purpose of smoking marijuana. Not kidding. I waited outside in fall like temperature, until the Greyhound’s doors opened. Inside where many early morning travelers, all of whom where meeting the sandman. I was either too excited, or tired to do the same.
My bus got in late, which meant it left late. I remember one guy had his horse of a dog with him. The only reason he was able to keep it on the bus was the dog was a service animal. Or the dog would eat the driver, not really sure. Speaking of drivers, mine got lost. Twice. He said he was used to driving LA to Sacramentoo, but today, the HQ gave him SLC to Vegas. He said if we knew the way, just shout. I told him Saint George is in the south, so just head that way!
We didn’t stop again until we reached Padawan, or Parawon. There I switched to another bus who just had passengers headed to Saint George. The ride down was filled with more of the same scenery as before, just subtract train tracks for a highway.
I recall falling asleep several times, and my phone dying before I could alert my family to where I was.
I met my ride and future friends at the Greyhound, which is inside of a McDonalds about an hour late. Not their fault, read the section about the late bus…
Before I left Salt Lake City, a man told me that St. George does not have a Greyhound, but they do have a MacDonalds! [sic] I didn’t know what to say…
The reason I left CA was that my grandmother had a stroke, and can no longer live alone. I had two weeks to get acclimated to the house before she got out of rehab. One thing I will never get used to is the heat of the desert. The winter here is great; mild during the day, but well below freezing at night. No one told me that, I had to figure it out on my own!
Given all that I had done to get here, I wouldn’t chage it for the world.
Do you guys have any traveling stories that you would like to share? Have any of you readers ever been to to Saint George? Have any Utah stories you want to share?


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