What Is Wrong with People?

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2012 at 4:02 AM

This has been sticking in my craw for a while now. What is up with the fashion and entertainment industry making girls believe that the thinner you are, the sexier you are? I find women that are just skin and bones to be physically revolting. When I grew up, we had a dog; Missie we called her. When the humans had the meat, we gave the dog the bones. I know that being skinny is healthy; I’m ok with that, not saying I want a bunch of unhealthy people walking around. What I have a problem with is the anorexic looking skeletons whit flesh stretched over their frames. It is ok to have some meat on your bones. If you have a family member, or a lover who calls you ‘fat’ for having meat, then you are obviously in a bad relationship. I live in Utah, which is one of the healthiest states in the Union, but we have our share of “Curvy Girls” here. Not fat, they go to the local college, and are athletic, so it’s more muscle than anything. That is sexy to me. If I’m out and I can see your heart beating through your body (provided you don’t have a medical condition) it is time to eat some cheeseburgers, ladies! I’m not a real skinny guy, I have a beer gut, smoke, drink, and don’t do much physical activity due to a bad back and knees, so I know I am not exactly “healthy”. A female friend of mine recently had a child, and her scumbag of an ex boyfriend told her that he needed to lose “That nasty ass fat” his words, not mine. Fate intercepted that relationship, thankfuly. I thought she was fine before the child and even better after he was born.
My mom says that no body is fat. They are healthy. That is what I believe.
Thank you for allowint me to vent my feelings. What are your opinions? I would love to hear them, good or bad.

  1. now that one i couldnt have written any different mike . its sad that people and these poor girls think they have to be bones to be any thing

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