Another Pill to Take

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2012 at 2:37 AM

Sitting here at the diabetic doctor waiting for my neighbour, when it hit me: When did we become so hopped up on drugs, both legal and illegal, that we can’t do anything without them?
I was a “Hyper boy” as a child, but when I was growing up, we just called it “being a child”. Now days, the moment you’re born, they want to hove pills in you. Everyday that I turn on the TV I am bombarded with “Ask your doctor before you take this pill that will (or will not) cure you of your desire to sleep” The doctors when I was 5 wanted me on Ritalin, but mom said it messed up my uncle so bad, that when he got off of it, he turned to harder drugs to fill that void. She did not want that for me. My medication was the terror of making my father mad at me, for the only thing he wanted was to have an education. I did just that!
now days, they have a pill for everything. Too fat? Take a pill. Boobs saggy? Take a pill. Head too big for that hat? Take a pill! Have a fear of medications in pill form? Take a pill!
Now, I know its not all the companies fault that make this fake “disorders” for you to take a pill. IT’S YOUR FALT FOR BELIEVING THESE MORONS! Too fat? Join a gym! There are some good pills out there, don’t get me wrong. The pill that keeps the AIDS virus in check was a fantastic breakthrough in medicine. Maybe someday cancer will be so lucky. But most of them are complete garbage. The drug companies that make stupid pills for stupid people even invented a crazy pill called Placebo to weed out the crazy people from the crazier people! Sometimes these pill companies are just trying to make a buck off of stupid people, and guess what? They do! I’m sure the doctors are the innocent parties in this. Not! They have to be the ones to fill the perscription and then tell the companies they got another one. I’m sure they even get paid for it! (I cannot prove this, of couse)
We have a pill for everything, but in the immortal words of Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid!”
What are your thoughts on this issue? Are these the crazy ramblings of a bitter old man, or athey legit?
Comment and let me know. Thanks.

  1. your dead on mike and from my understanding they do get a comp for selling certain brands etc and if you notice some of the rx pads are made with the pill companies logo on them lol i’m going to make a pill call retardefy cant write a blog? cant touch your toes? smoke crack? want to quit? take retardefy if you start feeling crazy wanting to kill people please continue to take the pill sudden death may occur pooping while pooping may occur driving while asleep on a toilet eating a twix bar may occur ask your doctor if this pill is right for you lol

  2. Just give the drug companies time, I am sure that they will do that on their own

  3. Now-a-days for each and every problem there are pills.It is true that while taking pills you need to consult the doctor.In some conditions without the doctor’s mistake he is paying due to some fake companies!!Even we need the pharma companies to give time to bring out the medicine even for cancer which may bring a revolution in the industry!!

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