Am I a Redneck?

In Uncategorized on September 14, 2012 at 11:59 PM

This evening, my friend came over and asked “Hey man, wanna check out the rodeo?” I have never been there, but I have passed it on the way to the library several times. I know that southern Utah is famous for its ranch land, and we have a lot of actual cowboys here. I decided to go, if for no other reason, then to just say “I’ve been to a rodeo…” We get there and there is a ton of people there, and like everyone else there, I got sucked in to the excitement. I was enjoying it.

 The reason I ask if I am a redneck, is because, although my mother and her family hail from the south, I always took after my father’s New England family. In California, you could not drag me to a rodeo on a horse! Today I went, and enjoyed myself so much, that tomorrow I am returning.

 The people there seemed nice, and even offered us hotdogs for free! It is a family event, so they had to file off the horns on the bulls, so as no one got gored. That took away from the true excitement of a rodeo,. I am glad that no one got hurt, however, don’t want anyone thinking that I am sadist…

 It was also my friend’s first rodeo (literally) so we both enjoyed it. Originally, we went to see the women there, and see if any of them would go out with us, but it turned into a good time by all.

 So now I must ask again, does enjoying a rodeo make me a redneck, or was it just two friends having a good time. Yes, for those wondering, I did wear a ballcap, and had tobacco in my cheek…..with denim jeans and a t-shirt. 

 Comment below and let me know your opinions. Have any of you been to a rodeo? What where your thoughts? Thanks

  1. lol your crazy mike ive been to a few am i a red neck my moms family is from the south and new york not sure about my dad think south as well lol they have pretty good rodeos out here in cali odd but we have a lot of farm land and there fun to hang out at .

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