What Happened to “Freedom of Choice”?

In Uncategorized on September 14, 2012 at 1:27 AM

As I write this, New Your state has just banned any soda pop over 16 ounces. Mayor Bloomberg said “It is a way to curb and CURE obesity in America”. When I was a kid, we would want something, and we had portion control. Nowadays the Government decides what we eat, when we eat, and ho much of it eat. If they want to “cure” obesity, then they should start a government run farm, and close down every fast food joint in the country. It started with Trans Fats, and spiraled out of control from there. In twenty years, I will be telling my kids “I remember when I could go to the store and buy pop that was a full liter!” I fear that the future will bring a bunch of fat, lazy kids that are too damned spoiled and stupid to do anything unless the government says it’s OK.

How Bloomberg came up with the number 16 is beyond me. Unless this is a ploy to jump start the New York economy, and force people to buy more, if not smaller bottles. I believe that the state has gone far over it’s boundaries here; you cannot legislate health. If your kid is too damn fat, then learn to tell him “NO”. It worked for my parents. Of course, you can’t tell your kids no anymore, because heaven forbid that they have to suffer any disappointment in their lives…but that is a post for another day…… I believe that California will be next in line, and then I fear most of the states will end up following suit out of fear from the Federal Government.

California and Denver are two states that want to, or have started taxing the sugar in your soft drinks. Something like a quarter a teaspoon. It is getting out of control. Someday we wont even have to think for ourselves, as Big Brother will do all of our thinking, talking and living for us, and we will just be put in a shell and forgotten about.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Is it more hand holding from a nanny state, or do you believe it to be a good thing? Comment below and let me know. Thanks


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