Fun Times in my Childhood

In Uncategorized on September 15, 2012 at 3:15 AM

As I sit here, watching the TV, I couldn’t help but remember some of the things my dad used to say while watching the tv. Most of the time, it was “shut up, damn it!” This one time made me laugh.

Growing up, we moved a lot. One time we lived with my uncle and his girlfriend. She drank a lot and it tended to affect her mind. She believed that the Devil could watch her through the TV if she turned it to a certain channel. We would watch as she flipped through the stations one by one, until she got to KDVIL (her “devil channel”) She flipped passed it by keying in the next station. She would always say, in her old lady/Mexican way “Ooohh, Mikey, the devil is on that channel! We can’t watch it.” One day, may dad was home from work, and wanted to watch a program on the devil channel. She ran out of that room screaming at my mom “HE’S WATCHING THE DEVIL CHANNEL! WE’RE ALL GOING TO HELL!” Now, my dad was a guy who liked to joke a bit, but also wanted to watch his program. So, my dad, in his own fatherly way, just calmly looked at her and said “But if you turn it off, the aliens will watch you through it…” Man, I tell you, she didn’t know what to do! If she watched that channel, the devil would watch you, but the aliens would watch her. Did I mention that she drank a lot? She thought that she had a remedy for that problem….. She called the cable provider, and asked to have “that devil channel” removed. Did I mention she drank? She was so sloshed that I could hear the guy with the cable company’s customer service actually laughing over the phone. After her failed attempt at removing that cannel, she decided to unplug the TV. My dad could not resist… He said, once again “But the aliens will watch you through it, remember?” My family and I had a great laugh at her expense. She told my uncle when he got home what had happened, and he, too had a great laugh. He asked my dad not to rile her up when she drinks; he stopped.

Fast forward a few years, and my uncle saved a young boys life from a drunk driver, and quit drinking. Sadly, my father passed on, but the good news is my uncle’s girlfriend has stopped drinking so much. She no longer believes the devil resides in that channel, nor does she believe the aliens will watch her.

What are some of your childhood memories that you have and want to share? Comment below and let us share in your memories. Thanks.

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