What is up with The National Hockey League?

In Hockey on September 16, 2012 at 3:26 AM

As I sit here, watching television, I am depressed. Not depressed at life, or anything, just depressed that there may not be any hockey from the National Hockey League. The lockout date looms, and the NHL still cannot reach a collective barganing agrement. It hurts the fans, the teams, and the NHL itself. No hockey in America means the entire NHL loses billions of dollars. Do they not care for money?

Some of the players are talking about joining the KHL in Russia. With their planes falling out of the sky, I hope that the NHL can come to their senses and get some type of bargain in place.

I didn’t care for hockey growing up, as most Americans could care less. I got hooked (no pun intended) after buying a cheap hockey game at a yardsale one day. When the Stanley Cup playoffs where going, I was glued to my TV, Internet and all sports broadcasts. I could not get enough of the sport! Now I open up the sports pages, and see “No agreement with the union”. Lockout looms” It depresses me soley because sports such as hockey and football are my escape from the trials of everyday life. If there was a way I could make it happen, I would change it so that we the fans can enjoy hockey this year.

When baseball went on strike, they lost a good portion of their fans. Basketball was locked out and they lost so much time, it was like watching a pre-season, or amateur league. Football was almost cancelled for this season, but luckily they got it resolved, now if they could just get the refs what they want.

Hockey was cancelled entirley in 2004-2005, and many players lost their love for the game, not to mention, the fans where less than thrilled with not having their favourite sport. I hope this doesn’t happen again.

From what I read, the NHL made over two BILLION dollars from last season. The players don’t want all of that, just a minor increase. I realise it’s all economical, and not personal, but why can’t the union, and NHLPA come to a minor aggrement and and let the players have a few dollars. The top named players like Johnathon Quick may not be hurting for money, but some of the minor, or lesser known players could benefit from the shared revenew program. Football has it, and that is why smaller market teams such as the Minnesota Vikings are able to stay afloat. The Minnesota Wild could certainly benefit from it, as I doubt Mikko Koivu could carry the team alone.

I’m not saying that the NHL should give all the money money to the players, just give em a bit, if for nothing else, then to let the players play for this season, and see where they stand for next season.

What are your thoughts on the lockout? Should the NHLPA get a bump in pay? I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Thanks


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