It’s a Lockout!

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2012 at 2:18 AM

As I pen this, the NHL is in a lockout; the forth such stoppage in the NHL’s history. The third to happen since Gary Bettman took over. For reasons that escape me, the owners gave him permission to make the lockout call if they couldn’t make an agreement. They should have said “Get the heck out”. From what I read online, the fans hate him, and the players dispise him, yet they decided to lockout until a CBA could be met.

If it is anything like the last lockout in 2004-2005, the dictator Bettman will get what he wants. I imagine it will be a 25% paycut, a deeper salary cap, and to split up the league. How are they hemmoraging money, if the NHL made record profits last season?

I must admit, I have been unfair to Mr. Bettman. It is not his fault that the team owners overspent their monies on everything. However, the deal with NBC was worth over 200 MILLION dollars, and for the first time ever, it brought every Stanley Cup playoff game into the home; first time that has ever happened.

Yes, in my humble opinion, the owners are as much to blame for the lockout as the Bettman. The owners want more money to cover their asses because they over spent and now want to remedy that. However, they must havfe failed economics 101, because the fans cannot pay to see something that is not there. How can the fans go to Winter Classic, if there is no Winter Classic to see? The NHL team owners and Bettman need to realize that without the games being played, they lose money, as do the sponsors, the networks, and the stadiums. Not to mention the fans who lose out on their favourite sport.

The NHL posted a record profit last season, yet the Commish said the league is hemmoraging money. How would you like it if your bosses came to you and said “We made a record profit” out of one side of his breath, and then the next asked you to lose 25% of your pay? If I where in that situation, I would be pretty pissed off.

What are your feelings on this issue? Should the Mr. Brettman get everything he wants, or should both sides make consessions? Comment and let me know, I would to hear your opinions. Thanks


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