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At the present moment, the meaning of life escapes me. It has been a year since I relocated to Utah, and in that time, I am a tad better off than I was in California.

I am still depressed that it has been a week since the National Hockey League went into a lockout. As I have mentioned before, it is trivial, but the sport gave me means of escape. I still have no job, but the help of friends and family is giving me strength. Not to mention my personal bastions of strength, President Reagan and Carl Sagan are who I turn to in times of need.

Yes, I am still semi-depressed, but each day above ground is a good day….right?

As I type this (in my pj’s) I am perplexed as to what life is, exactly. I suppose that question has been asked over a trillion of times since man first developed the ability to talk and think. Let me pose it again. What is the meaning of life?

I’m not saying that my life is any better or worse than anyother person’s on this pale blue dot, but at the moment, I would say it is tied.

My sister recently moved into her first home away from mom, so her life is pretty good, I’d say. My mother is happy and saddened by having the “empty nest” she has…..but is it really empty if she shares it with my aunts?

Am I wrong, or heartless for not wanting to help better the lives of kids in Africa? I see the commercials almost nightly, and I think ‘why don’t the celebrities who, in one day, make more money then I have ever seen in my life, help these poor kids?’ I am not employed, but even the thought of having any money does not make me want to help the kids for 50 cents a day, or what ever the cost….. Is it Karma?

I know people who have absolutley NOTHING to give, and yet they are happy as can be. Am I a product of my American materialistic upbringing? I do not believe so, as tomorrow I am taking my neighbour out to her various errands. I’m not asking for anything in return, as I was brought up to help others, for one day you may be the one who needs it.

Am I just a greedy, jaded bastard? Please comment and give me your opinion on this dillema; please. Thanks.

  1. yes mike you are but i don’t blame you them damn african ju ju bees need to help there damn self’s and we need to help the people here who need help and quit pretending it isn’t happening over here

  2. No I feel the same way if I was going to help needy people or children it would be the ones in my own country not somewhere else.

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