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Lately, I have not been able to escape the news story of “Marriage Equality”. It is there every time I turn on the TV. My thoughts on this issue will become clear by the end of this post. Growing up in California shaped the way I feel and felt about a lot of things. I have homosexual friends and family; don’t care; their business. When California had Prop 8 to ban same-sex marriage. I voted yes on it. Made a lot of people mad, but that is how I felt at the time. A friend of mine is a lesbian, and I don’t care. I hear a lot of “hardcore Republicans” say ‘it destroys traditional family values’ and how can ‘a homosexual family raise a normal child?’ Who amongst us can define normal? Who are we to say what’s normal and what isn’t? Hell, even senators have done some homosexual things. Anyone remember Mark Foley and his Congressional Page? Or Larry Craig and his “wide stance”? My living in Utah and being a Libertarian has shaped my feelings on this issues. My feelings are this: Should homosexual be allowed to marry? WHO THE HELL CARES? What two legal, consenting people do in their own damn house is their business. I say, if they love each other like a heterosexual couple does, and want to share that love for the rest of their lives, then fine. The government says to treat all people as equals to you. So then let the homosexuals marry. I don’t believe the so-called “studies” that have said homosexuals cannot raise a child. If heterosexual couples can raise a child to be a filthy drug addict who beats their lover, and abandons their kids, then what worse job can a homosexual couple do? Not to mention, that married couples pay more in taxes than a single lesbian or homosexual man will in their life time….. That has to appeal to the United States Government, right? More money? Not to mention that the founding documents state “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL….” I guess the big issue here is “Traditional Values” or “Family Values” being ripped apart. If single parents can raise a healthy child, then why can’t a homosexual couple raise one? If God created us in his image, then is God to blame for making homosexuals? The ancient Romans used to have sex with men when they couldn’t find a woman. It wasn’t until the “Christians” came along and told them that it was wrong, that they stopped. What is wrong with love? So a man loves another man, who the hell cares? If you love someone enough to want to be with that person for the rest of your lives, then go on! More power to ya! Just because you may not agree with it, does that mean that others shouldn’t enjoy it? What are your thoughts on the issue? Comment and let me know, but beware spam and trolls will be blocked. Thanks

  1. i couldn’t have said it better

  2. well said, my son. i agree. who are we to say what is right and wrong in love?

  3. Thank you for your opinion I appreciate it . Even if I wound up dating a man I’d want gays and lesbians to be able to marry just like everybody else.

  4. Glad to see that we read the constitution the same way, same sex marriage is one of the most minor problems we face as a nation!

    • YES! I agree 100% on that issue! I just wish our “leaders” could see that side of the coin….. Thanks for the comment, and the read

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