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There is a disturbance in The Force

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Earlier today we saw the news that George Lucas sold his LucasFlim division to Disney. That deal also included Skywalker Sound, ILM, the rights to the Indiana Jones Franchise and the biggest slap of all…..Star Wars. That’s right, Disney now owns the biggest selling franchise in movie history.

I have got to ask, first, what was George thinking? I read that he wants to pass the Star Wars off to a new generation of film makers. He realizes that he owned them and could change them at any time, right?

Now, I do not know why, but The Mouse is planning on making Episodes 7, 8 and 9 of the franchise, and has slated a few new ones every 2 or 3 years. My qualms are, A, who or what storyline will they follow? Will it continue with a new Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, or will it make a novel into a video? With the literal wealth of stories out there, they have an endless pool to draw from. My second question is, what will happen to the Clone Wars TV show on Cartoon Network? Will Disney move it to their network once the season is done? How will this effect the fans? Will the future episodes be available in theatres, or Direct to DVD, like every other Disney release? Will they forge on with the creation of the planned live-action episodic adventure, or will Mickey decide to scrap it?

George Lucas will stay on as creative executive, but I have fear that Disney will plan on making the series “kid-friendly”. If that happens, the entire Star Wars Lightsabre and blaster rifles will go, as will the bank of assassin droids. (4LOM, HK-47). He also sold the Indiana Jones rights, but I never cared for them.

My other qulams include, if Disney is owner of the Star Wars franchise, will they farther change the future releases to include Disney characters in the Glactic Senate, as George incuded ET? Albeit a joke…

I understand that George can do whatever he wants to the series, but at one point, he has to stop messing with success, or what fans there are will split and walk away. I am, however, in all seriousness, over the moon on news that in the coming years, we will see a new Star Wars movie. Perhaps it can detail Count Dooku’s training of the greatest Jedi ever, Qui-Gon Jinn, or see Yoda train Dooku? On time will will tell what the future holds.



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What happened to boxing? When I was a kid, wrestling was king, but USA managed to drop some boxing in after WWF RAW. I would try to sneak a peek, if mom would let me.

It seems that MMA has taken over the world, and boxing is once again the step-child of the sporting world, and banished to the basement. Nowadays, boxers are famous for the things they do out of the ring. Floyd Mayweather is famous for his stint in WWE and jail. When I grew up, I knew who Mike Tyson was because of his 90 second knockout. He was in WWF (now WWE) for a short time, but I was familiar with his boxing.

When boxing was at it’s zenith, the fighters maybe got 5 grand for a fight, and that’s before the manager took his cut. Now each fighter has the potential for making millions in one fight. I know that the days of Ali and Marciano are long over, and the purses are bigger because of the changes in time, but most fighters don’t deserve the millions they make in my opinion. I believe I read that in Marciano’s day, the losing fighter didn’t make any money, unless he had a title.

I wont get into the differences between each boxer, but I like fighters who are known for what they do in the ring and leave it there; win lose or draw, it’s all in the ring!

Of course, you can’t blame wrestling and MMA for the downfall of professional boxing. Not when guys like Tyson bite their opponent’s ear off, or guys like Lennox Lewis (allegedly) throw a fight, or guys beat on their wives…. The fighters are just as much responsible for runing their sport as they are for expanding it. I am not a fan of Ali’s antics out of the ring, but he did try to raise the sport out of the old smokey arenas, and he did. Nowadays the fighters just want to make their money ‘f’ all the rest.

I hope that one day we can see a raise in boxing again. Not to levels that where seen in the 40’s or 50’s but, but at least up to the number two slot in professional sports

Stuff my dad told me

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As I sit here bored out of my kull, my father’s words creep into my mind. First about the 1994 baseball strike “If this strike does not end soon, when it does, the fans are going to say fuck you, and walk away”, and then to honor. “Son, never go back on your word. When you die, all you can take is your honor.” Yes, this blog will be about the random teachings my father said. You have been warned.

When it came to…..well, everything, my father had some fatherly advice. Whenever I needed a pick-me-up, I could go to him; if I needed some advice on any situation, he was there. Take for instance, the time I needed help with my science homework. I needed some help with it, and my dad was the one I went to.
“Hey, dad, anyway you could help me with my homework?” I asked. My dad turned around in his chair, and smiled.
“Of course, son. Bring me what you’ve got.” He said. I walked into his room; the cigarette burning in his hand. I put the paper on the desk, and dad looked it over. “Son, the ‘belt’ around the Earth is called the Equator”. I wrote it down.

My father was a noble man. Never would do anything that would be deemed ‘barbaric’ by society. If he told you he would do something, he did it. One night, we had a power outage. My mom and dad talked a bit, and dad said “… I don’t want to, but I will.” I asked my daddy
“If you don’t want to do it, then why do it?”
My daddy looked up from at me and said “Son, sometimes being a dad means doing things you don’t want to do. Sometimes it means doing the right thing; not because you want to, but because you have to. Always put yourself last, and your family first.”

Because my father was the man he was, I will never beanything less; it is my personal mission for life. I want to be like my father in every way; well every non-creepy way…

I love you dad


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As I sit outside, the current temperature is about 45 degrees. Not really cold, but there is something about 45 degree weather in your pajamas that chills a man!

This weather has me abnormally happy. I live in the desert, yet hate the heat; i was born and raised in the California valley, yet despise the heat. The pipe clenched in my jaw is helping to warm me up, however.

I remember as a kid, my grandmother told me that her license doesn’t work in the winter, just because she didn’t want to drive anywhere. This kind of weather always makes me hopeful. Hopeful for a new year, a fresh start, and hopeful…just hopeful.

If last year was any indication, then this winter will be frigid! It was my first winter here, and I was beyond cold! I found out real fast that I am not cut out for twenty degree weather. Well, not without heat, however. I talked to a few of my neighbours, and they told me to bundle up, and sleep with a couple of blankets. I slept warm, and even grew to love the cold days, and freezing nights here; thanks in part to the bomber jacket that my fater left me when he died. As my mom says, “He is still hugging me”. Love that jacket!

Still, given all I have, I cannot help but think about the poor guy who has to freeze just so his kid can be warm. My father would do that for us kids, and I will never forget that.

Stay warm, my friends

Did that just happen?

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I was reading a series of stories online, and was reminded of the time a complete unknown walked up to me and praised me for having the courage to smoke my pipe. Here is that story.

It was a warm summer day and I was slated to get a haircut. My friend and neighbour was outside smoking a cigarette, and since I had some time on my hands, I loaded up my pipe. I had nary a puff from the briar before I heard “How old are you?” I turn to see a man approaching me; his cap denoting that he was a serviceman, so I felt obliged to indulge his question. “Twenty-three, sir” I say with my pipe clenched in my teeth.

He asked if I had anyone else in my family who smoked a pipe, and I told him that I come from a long line of birar buddies. He said that his grandfater, father and uncle smoked for over thirty years, before they gave it up.

We ended the conversation with “Thank you young man. You have given me hope for the young. Thank you!” We shook hands, and he left. It was my first such encounter where the words ‘murderer’, ‘baby killer’ and ‘asshole’ where neither spoken, nor thought. Being from California, and having many such encounters where said words were exchanged…it gave me a start when we had a plesant encounter to cap a beautiful outing.

That guy was a rarity. Not just because he was a Utahan who enjoyed the pipe smoking, and trust me, there aren’t many, but because he did not seem to have a story about how he had known someone who died of cancer just to scare me. He did, however have a story about how he didn’t develop the taste for the pipe like his family members did.

I have already shared why I smoke the briar and will not repete myself, but I will add that I find a good briar, tobacco and friends is all a man needs in his life.

Random Thoughts shared over a pipe

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As anyone who knows me will surely tell you, my collection of tobacco pipes are my best friends. Through all the trials and tribulations in my life, there was a pipe in my maw. When my father died, I smoked a pipe while waiting for the bus to go home. When my girlfriend dumped me, pipe in my mouth on the ride home. Even now, as I sit here enjoying a nice Autumn day in Utah, there is a pipe in my teeth. A Savenelli Venezia, to be exact…

The reason, I suppose that I smoke a pipe, is because it relaxes me. I know that 90% of the people on this planet view smoking of any kind to be gross, and disgusting, but who cares? We don’t need em anyway. I come from a long line of pipe smokers. My daddy, his brothers, their father….so on and so on. My decision to stat the pipe was not because my family did it. I was looking for something new after smoking a cigar for so long, and I got into the pipe after seeing a kind older man in a tobacco shop fiire it up.

If my first pipe was a decent one, then maybe I would have like it more. It was a cheap ‘Made in China’ Sanda model that filled with about a gallon of tobacco juice – after about two puffs! I broke the stem and bit (mouthpiece) after just three smokes. I bought another one to replace it, but soon faced the same hastles, so I purchased a not-so-much-better Medico pipe. I had never heard of “Brylon” before, and now know why. It is wood flour mixed with procelin. And after the charing light, it heats up to about 300 degrees Ferinheit… That one soon got tossed. My next pipe was a Dr. Grabow Omega. I loved it. Had it been a bigger bowl, it would have been my favourite. That one got lost in the sands of time…

I have had a few pipes that I deem knock around, but it wasn’t until last year that I smoked my first corn cob pipe. If someone had told me that a cob was a great starter pipe, well who knows? Maybe I would have been able to avoid all the miss steps in life. I do get ribbed for walking around town with a cob, but I tune them out. Just me and the pipe of the day.

I have a few friends and family members that smoke a pipe, but where I’m at, I am all alone. I have a neighbour who wants to quit smoking cigarrettes, but will not smoke a pipe or use the patches. Oh well more for me!

Anyhow, I am going to enjoy the chilly Autumn day and my Sav full of Royal Cherry Cavendish and see where the day takes me. Be in good health

Grow one

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As I sit here smoking on this fridgid October night, pipe clenched firmly in my jaw, I read about the “Movember” or “No Shave November” movement going on, and decided that I will give beard growing a second shot.

I had one before (just look at my Gravatar) and, and in my opinion, looked pretty damn good with it! I didn’t start last time because of the “Movember” movement, but rather, I grew a beard because I felt that it was time I tried that for once. Being a pipe smoker, you practically HAVE to have facial hair of some kind, but I feel it’s right to have a beard.

Now, before you say anything, I am not an envirmentalist, not by any means. By growing a beard, you save ten gallons of water every week! It’s cool to shave, and since some guys find it a chore, not shaving just saves time! Not to mention that some of my favourite men have been beardy-faced. Men such as the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi-wan Kenobi.

Whatever your reasons are for growing, or not growing a beard, please share them. Thanks, and May The Force be with you

Vote Saxon

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As the US Presidential election looms, I am often asked what I would do as President. That got me thinking; what WOULD I do as president? I can’t be any worse off that some the others, right?

One thing I would do would be to stop funding every dang government project.
Another thing I would do is to cut staff. How many government “officials” do we need? It seems that each Congressman has a gaggle of assistants. I would have, at most two. No more, no less.
I would fund education, and defense, not cut them.
I would also aide our allies, and stop funding our enemies. They hate us; let them. Our freedoms are viewed as discraceful in their eyes, and I cannot change that.
I would legalize same-sex marriage, as I could care care less what other people do in their own homes; none of my business.
I would allow three years for Death Row inmates to appeal, anything more and it costs the country way too much.
I would not promise to create jobs, as Government officials can only create jobs in the Government offices.
I would bring back products made in America, and not make everything in China. We have good, honest people here in America that need to make a living.
I would lower taxes, and by doing so, bring more money to the people working, and that will allow more people to work and buy more things. Thereby increasing the economy.

Thoes are just a few of the things that President Michael Goodwin will try to accomplish, if I ever ran for President…..and if Congress allows it. They hold the reigns you know.

Would you vote for me?

Funny TV

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As I sit here watching “King of the Hill”, I was wondering what happened to funny sitcoms? Does the ‘com’ in sitcom not mean comedy? Take 3rd Rock From the Sun for example. Actually funny. Most of what is on television nowadays isn’t funny. Few shows break the mold, like Parks and Rec, and The Office before Michael Scott (expertly played by Steve Carell) left the company. Roseanne used to be funny, but then she won the lottery, and the whole premise of the working class family went out the window!

I used to love Family Guy, The Simpsons, and American Dad, but then they all got preachy and so far political that I cannot stomach them for more than a few seconds, before I want to change the channel or shut off the television. Now we have more unfunny programs than ever. Pretty much everything on the Fox Network, NBC, and most of CBS, with the esception of How I Met Your Mother, is just not funny. I cannot attest to what ABC is producing, as I don’t watch their network. I don’t even know one program they have. They used to carry Scrubs, but even that stopped being funny…

I can’t blame the cast, as they just have to work with what the writers give them every week. Some actors do fill a writers chair, so I blame them for their lack of comedy on their respective shows. Even the late night “comedy” shows have lost their luster. Of couse, everything has to be dirty, or “blue” to get a ratings point with them. I sued to watch “The Daily Show”, but even that got to be unfunny, as did “The Colbert Report”, and yes, I do understand that they are supposed to be political, but during the Writer’s Strike of the mid-2000’s these alledged “comedians” had to quit.

I guess as long as DVDs and the Internet exist, I can still get genuine comedy….right?

What can brown do for you?

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Normally, I don’t take blog requests; it’s my blog, don’t have to, but today is a special request from my brother.

I have ordered a plethora of items from the Internet, and they choose to ship via UPS, or FedEx. That’s fine, don’t really care. This blog will be about both of them, and neither of them at the same time.

Let’s compare. Both FedEx are resonably priced, and ship internationally. Both offer over night, and sometimes same-day air. The phone I am typing this on was shipped 3-day air via UPS. Either one you choose will make you wait forever in a line that seems to stretch out to the ends of the Earth.

Now let us contrast. UPS will knock on the door, and wait for you to open it and sign for your stuff. I like that. Now, my UPS guy from my old neighbourhood knew me and the family, and would take my package to my aunt’s work if we weren’t home. Not all do, but mine did. Now for the part that ticks me off: WHY DOES FEDEX KNOCK ON THE DOOR, DROP YOUR BOX AND RUN BACK TO THE TRUCK? Have they not heard that mail bombs are sent that way? When I got a holster for an air-soft pistol, the seller shipped it via Fedex, and they did just that! I didn’t even have time to get to the door before he took off… Not to mention that FedEx has a “smart post” option. Why ship it via US Mail if you are a global shipping company? It makes no sence.

And for that matter, what happened to DHL and their yellow trucks? They seemed like a viable option for some, but oneday they vanished. I used to see them on TV, and some stock-watcher said they where doing better than UPS and FedEx; now they are gone, left to the ash heap of history.

Now I will vent on theuseless shipping option of USPS… My mother sent me some Christmas gifts via USPS, and she called to ask why they where two days late, they told her “Getting there by December 25th is not a guarantee”. No lie. Now my family spends the extra money to ship UPS. My Christmas wasn’t ruined, just unhappy. With “service” like that, it is no wonder that they will be bankrupt inside of a decade, and my kids will ask “Daddy, what’s the Post Office?” I will just sit back, pipe smuldering away, and reply “A failed experiment, son.” They keep rasing their prices, siting “The Internet is taking business away” Well no duh, people want their information right away, not anywhere from a week to a month from now. About the only thing the post office is good for is making people wait. I finally understand why people call it “snail mail”…

Whichever method you choose to ship your parcels, just buy a tracking number, and give it to the recipeint. That way they can deal with hastle that is shipping and waiting.

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