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In Uncategorized on October 11, 2012 at 4:07 AM

As I sit here in a sleepless state, I am reminded of an old roommate I used to have.

His name was George, and yes, he liked his booze. A bit much, as the families thought. He drank a lot because it eased his pain. Pain brought on by the amputation of his entire left arm, and a leg that had to be fused together at the knee, leaving it straight out at all times. He could get around with the use of a powerchair.

When he wasn’t drinking, he was a great guy to be around. He could, and often times did, fix just about anything. One such time, he managed to convert a touch-lamp to one that had to be operated via switch. He was a semi-truck driver, and mechanic before the accident left him with the aforementioned disabilities. He once had his wife pull over to assist a fellow trucker with his rig. The trucker said he had been on the side of the road for what seemed like hours. My roommate got out, limped over to the truck, and diagnosed the issue in about an hour. The trucker was back on the path in no time.

It wasn’t all good times, however. When he would drink, he would get loud. He would often yell for his wife Judy, and he lost control of his bladder so often, that he had his own couch. One drunken night, he went dumpster diving, and found a VCR that needed a new cord (so he said). He was intoxicated, so his repair didn’t take. Not to mention that another roommate we had tossed it out one night. When George awoke, he never asked about it again.

When he was sober, he tought me a bit about the world of electronics. He tought me about soldiering, and what a diode is.

Sadly, he was forced to move out one night, and that was the last time we saw him alive. He died of a heart attack, so said the medical examiner. He lived with some people, whom he knew from somewhere. They said he had bruises on his chest, that would not have come from a heart attack. We cannot prove it, but we believe his roommates beat him to death over his SSI check.

Rest In Peace, George.

  1. sad to hear i met george a few times with art at kragen good guy. always wondered how he passed people and money wtf man

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