Things that annoy me October 17 edition

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2012 at 4:08 AM

This blog got started because I needed a place to vent. Here are a few things that annoy me. October 17th edition.

People that bought/buy keyboards for their iPads. If you have to buy a keyboard for a “tablet”, then admit that you should’ve bought a laptop.
People that cannot “move on” from the past. I had to log a noise complaint against my friend a few weeks ago. Yesterday, he apologized for it. We squashed it.. Move on!
90% of television annoys me. I mean, have you seen what passes as television nowadays?
Racists. It’s not 1860, being of a different colour does not make you a bad person. I have no tolerance for rasists. People are people; judge on character, not colour. Other people. Yes, people annoy me. Always have, always will. Can’t help it.
People who force their views on others. If you are a Christian, fine; worship God, and let me be. Vegatarians. See above.
People that think sports are too violent. If you don’t want your kids playing a game that teaches teamwork, fine. Just let others do it.
Most “music” nowadays. When I was a kid, I had to deal with Nirvana’s “grunge movement” so I know crap music!
People that need the latest technology. Just because Apple puts a logo on something, DOES NOT MAKE IT GREAT! I had a first gen iMac; loved it. It was cheeper to buy a new model than it was to replace the picture tube. Not worth it. Tedius work that others love. Ok, that’s my view; wont force it on you.
People that say “Star Wars episodes 1-3 suck” If you are a fan, then enjoy it. I love all Star Wars; shouldn’t you? The Cosby Show and Cheers. Don’t like em. Never did.
Celebrities. Just because you’re rich and famous, you’re still a human. You ain’t doo-doo!
The National Hockey Leage Lockout. Love hockey, hate lockouts. The league made a new proposal. Starting to like owners.

Thoes are a few things that annoy me. Feel free to comment and share your annoyances

  1. Some really good points

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