Mom an pop shops

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2012 at 8:27 PM

Yesterday I went to the local family-run video game store. There, I acquired a copy of NHL 2K7. They actually looked in their back room, found it, and let me pay a small deposit of 2 American dollars, and let me leave the store with it, provided I returned with the game I bought the day before. I had a slight problem with the disk being read, but they fixed it FOR FREE! When I had a problem with three games at Gamestop, they told me “Maybe your system’s broke” The guy at my game shop told me “Bring it in, we’ll resurface it. Will not cost you nothing.” That is quality service!

When I asked Gamestop for an exchange on the aforementioned game disks, they got snooty. That is no way to trat your client base. I see the Gamefly commercials wherein they only give nine dollars for a trade in, and I have to agree. Now, I am not saying that big business is bad; it’s not. If you have an old system, like I do, Gamestop is not for you. If you posess the new ones, then trade to your heart’s content. If I ever get an Xbox 360, and feel compelled to get the latest NHL title, I will ask my local store first, if not to save a fe bucks, then to give them my continued business.

At Gamestop, they would not let me get the hockey game with a small deposit and a return. I am very happy that I found the local game store. Not only do they have video games for every system ever produced, they also take DVDs, and this one has a display cae full of random items!

Thank you Video Game Exchange for being the sole provider of video enjoyment I have found in my tiny town!

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