Getting my license

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As I watch television, for some odd reason, I am remined of the time I got my license.

I had to get it. As a male, trying to get a date without one is next to impossible. I got it a few months ago, and love it!

I enrolled in a driving school, as is the law here in Utah; The Southern Utah Driving School, or “SUDS” as it’s known. My instructor was a nice guy, and a former cop. There was four other guys in my class. It was split up that way because he only had two sedans and that is all he could fit in both of them. I took the afternoon class because it worked better for me. He had classes that started at 6AM, and ended at 7PM.

My friend and neighbour drove me, because he knew where it was. It was cheap, at only 200 dollars. As of writing this, it is the only driving school in the state (not counting public schools). I passed the writen exam with flying colours, and all I needed was the driving portion.

When the driving portion started, I was nervous, to say the least. My driving instructor kept telling me “Stay in your lane”. That was the first day. The second day, I was most imporved. I didn’t swerve into and out of lanes, or anything of the sort, just needed to gain control of the car, as I haven’t driven before. I had gripped the wheel so tight, that my knuckles where beyond white; translucent, even! My instructor loaned me a copy of “Red Asphault”, and I watched it before my next lesson. I liked the move…not in a sadist way, but I liked it…up until the part where they showed the little kid; almost lost it at that point. The next lesson was much better, so said my instructor.

I passed the course, with only four days of training. I scheduled the road test at the “Driver License Division” in Hurricane, Utah. I wasn’t nervious, but excited. My brother Cedric told me not to show it, as they might fail me, just because. I relied on my Jedi training to stowe my emotions deep inside me. I filled out the paperwork in the DLD office, and waited for my number. They had written “Road test today, good luck!” on every ticket I had. I passed the vision exam, and had “RESTRICTIONS: B. CORRECTIVE LENSES” put on my license, as I need glasses to see.

When it was time, I got into the van, pulled around to the side, and waited for my instructor, a girl named Rachel, to show up. She took the insurance card, and regestration papers to the office, and recorded the plate number, then it was instruction time. The condors in my gut started to whip up gail-force winds. My instructor told me to proceed to the yellow lines and prepair for the exam to begin. I will admit that I failed that portion, as backing up is not a strength of mine. Next was paralell parking. Oddly enough, backing up is not a strong suit of mmine, yet, I passed this portion with ease. Parking downhil next to a curb was next. Passed it. I also passed the merging into, and out of traffic, the stop lights and signs, and head check portions, also. We pulled into the parking lot of the the DLD, and she told me to pull to the side door. Then she told me the words I had been dying to hear. “Congrats, you passed!” she took her stuff and told me to park the van, and come inside. I turned on the radio, and heard Queen’s “We Are the Champions”. I was elated, and took the time to text each of my friends and family, and my instructor to say “I PASSED!” Praises where passed to me from all. I walked back inside and got my temporary license.

As of writing this, I am still the only one from that class to get their license. The other kids there had more experence in driving than I did, and that troubles me.

Glad to have my license, just the same!

  1. thats they way it go’s mike some people can drive but do they really do it correct so they fail and figure its not them its the instructor who’s wrong which in some cases i’m sure it is . but again its good you got it and drive safe trust me the crazy driving isn’t always worth it and i thought the red asphalt was funny as well up until the poor baby glad the mom died though but goes to show its not always worth it

    • Yes, but I laugh at the fact that the other students ALL had months of driving experience compared to me; I had none, and still got mine before all of them did

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