What can brown do for you?

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Normally, I don’t take blog requests; it’s my blog, don’t have to, but today is a special request from my brother.

I have ordered a plethora of items from the Internet, and they choose to ship via UPS, or FedEx. That’s fine, don’t really care. This blog will be about both of them, and neither of them at the same time.

Let’s compare. Both FedEx are resonably priced, and ship internationally. Both offer over night, and sometimes same-day air. The phone I am typing this on was shipped 3-day air via UPS. Either one you choose will make you wait forever in a line that seems to stretch out to the ends of the Earth.

Now let us contrast. UPS will knock on the door, and wait for you to open it and sign for your stuff. I like that. Now, my UPS guy from my old neighbourhood knew me and the family, and would take my package to my aunt’s work if we weren’t home. Not all do, but mine did. Now for the part that ticks me off: WHY DOES FEDEX KNOCK ON THE DOOR, DROP YOUR BOX AND RUN BACK TO THE TRUCK? Have they not heard that mail bombs are sent that way? When I got a holster for an air-soft pistol, the seller shipped it via Fedex, and they did just that! I didn’t even have time to get to the door before he took off… Not to mention that FedEx has a “smart post” option. Why ship it via US Mail if you are a global shipping company? It makes no sence.

And for that matter, what happened to DHL and their yellow trucks? They seemed like a viable option for some, but oneday they vanished. I used to see them on TV, and some stock-watcher said they where doing better than UPS and FedEx; now they are gone, left to the ash heap of history.

Now I will vent on theuseless shipping option of USPS… My mother sent me some Christmas gifts via USPS, and she called to ask why they where two days late, they told her “Getting there by December 25th is not a guarantee”. No lie. Now my family spends the extra money to ship UPS. My Christmas wasn’t ruined, just unhappy. With “service” like that, it is no wonder that they will be bankrupt inside of a decade, and my kids will ask “Daddy, what’s the Post Office?” I will just sit back, pipe smuldering away, and reply “A failed experiment, son.” They keep rasing their prices, siting “The Internet is taking business away” Well no duh, people want their information right away, not anywhere from a week to a month from now. About the only thing the post office is good for is making people wait. I finally understand why people call it “snail mail”…

Whichever method you choose to ship your parcels, just buy a tracking number, and give it to the recipeint. That way they can deal with hastle that is shipping and waiting.

  1. To this day, I’ve never understood why “Big Brown” receives the flack that it does so often, particularly on web-based opinion sites such as “ePinions” and “Yelp”. Our regular UPS deliveryman has been delivering packages in this area for well over forty years (he might very well be the same individual that you were referring to in the article), and is one of the kindest, most cordial and amicable men one could ever hope to meet.

    Federal Express is another story altogether. I’ve had packages “left at the depot”, “left on (a) boat” and, on the rare occasion, lost or delivered several days after the quoted delivery date. They seem to be improving as of recently, but whenever I notice that a package is being shipped via their service(s), a small inkling of doubt arises and I’m fairly nervous until it’s in my hands, safe and sound.

    As is always the case, your opinion piece was well-written, witty and entirely relatable. Many thanks to you for fulfilling my request!

    — On a side note, DHL has stopped delivering on a wide-scale basis within the continental U.S., though they do continue to deliver in some states as I write this. They weren’t the greatest service, but they did deliver on time, which is all one can really expect at the end of the day.

  2. should have known lol and in all honesty how can you blame a company for a lazy driver if there good there good if there not there not i used to joke when delivering paint when the customer wanted me to do to much hey im gonna pull ups or fed ex and drop it at your door and run lol and mike you jinxed yourself watch only daughters for you

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