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In Uncategorized on October 23, 2012 at 2:22 AM

As I sit here watching “King of the Hill”, I was wondering what happened to funny sitcoms? Does the ‘com’ in sitcom not mean comedy? Take 3rd Rock From the Sun for example. Actually funny. Most of what is on television nowadays isn’t funny. Few shows break the mold, like Parks and Rec, and The Office before Michael Scott (expertly played by Steve Carell) left the company. Roseanne used to be funny, but then she won the lottery, and the whole premise of the working class family went out the window!

I used to love Family Guy, The Simpsons, and American Dad, but then they all got preachy and so far political that I cannot stomach them for more than a few seconds, before I want to change the channel or shut off the television. Now we have more unfunny programs than ever. Pretty much everything on the Fox Network, NBC, and most of CBS, with the esception of How I Met Your Mother, is just not funny. I cannot attest to what ABC is producing, as I don’t watch their network. I don’t even know one program they have. They used to carry Scrubs, but even that stopped being funny…

I can’t blame the cast, as they just have to work with what the writers give them every week. Some actors do fill a writers chair, so I blame them for their lack of comedy on their respective shows. Even the late night “comedy” shows have lost their luster. Of couse, everything has to be dirty, or “blue” to get a ratings point with them. I sued to watch “The Daily Show”, but even that got to be unfunny, as did “The Colbert Report”, and yes, I do understand that they are supposed to be political, but during the Writer’s Strike of the mid-2000’s these alledged “comedians” had to quit.

I guess as long as DVDs and the Internet exist, I can still get genuine comedy….right?

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