Vote Saxon

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2012 at 3:04 AM

As the US Presidential election looms, I am often asked what I would do as President. That got me thinking; what WOULD I do as president? I can’t be any worse off that some the others, right?

One thing I would do would be to stop funding every dang government project.
Another thing I would do is to cut staff. How many government “officials” do we need? It seems that each Congressman has a gaggle of assistants. I would have, at most two. No more, no less.
I would fund education, and defense, not cut them.
I would also aide our allies, and stop funding our enemies. They hate us; let them. Our freedoms are viewed as discraceful in their eyes, and I cannot change that.
I would legalize same-sex marriage, as I could care care less what other people do in their own homes; none of my business.
I would allow three years for Death Row inmates to appeal, anything more and it costs the country way too much.
I would not promise to create jobs, as Government officials can only create jobs in the Government offices.
I would bring back products made in America, and not make everything in China. We have good, honest people here in America that need to make a living.
I would lower taxes, and by doing so, bring more money to the people working, and that will allow more people to work and buy more things. Thereby increasing the economy.

Thoes are just a few of the things that President Michael Goodwin will try to accomplish, if I ever ran for President…..and if Congress allows it. They hold the reigns you know.

Would you vote for me?

  1. even if you got in office none of that would ever come true you think the real powers at be would let you come in and change up the money making schemes you would end up like Kennedy

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