Random Thoughts shared over a pipe

In Friends, pipe smoking, pipes on October 25, 2012 at 3:58 PM

As anyone who knows me will surely tell you, my collection of tobacco pipes are my best friends. Through all the trials and tribulations in my life, there was a pipe in my maw. When my father died, I smoked a pipe while waiting for the bus to go home. When my girlfriend dumped me, pipe in my mouth on the ride home. Even now, as I sit here enjoying a nice Autumn day in Utah, there is a pipe in my teeth. A Savenelli Venezia, to be exact…

The reason, I suppose that I smoke a pipe, is because it relaxes me. I know that 90% of the people on this planet view smoking of any kind to be gross, and disgusting, but who cares? We don’t need em anyway. I come from a long line of pipe smokers. My daddy, his brothers, their father….so on and so on. My decision to stat the pipe was not because my family did it. I was looking for something new after smoking a cigar for so long, and I got into the pipe after seeing a kind older man in a tobacco shop fiire it up.

If my first pipe was a decent one, then maybe I would have like it more. It was a cheap ‘Made in China’ Sanda model that filled with about a gallon of tobacco juice – after about two puffs! I broke the stem and bit (mouthpiece) after just three smokes. I bought another one to replace it, but soon faced the same hastles, so I purchased a not-so-much-better Medico pipe. I had never heard of “Brylon” before, and now know why. It is wood flour mixed with procelin. And after the charing light, it heats up to about 300 degrees Ferinheit… That one soon got tossed. My next pipe was a Dr. Grabow Omega. I loved it. Had it been a bigger bowl, it would have been my favourite. That one got lost in the sands of time…

I have had a few pipes that I deem knock around, but it wasn’t until last year that I smoked my first corn cob pipe. If someone had told me that a cob was a great starter pipe, well who knows? Maybe I would have been able to avoid all the miss steps in life. I do get ribbed for walking around town with a cob, but I tune them out. Just me and the pipe of the day.

I have a few friends and family members that smoke a pipe, but where I’m at, I am all alone. I have a neighbour who wants to quit smoking cigarrettes, but will not smoke a pipe or use the patches. Oh well more for me!

Anyhow, I am going to enjoy the chilly Autumn day and my Sav full of Royal Cherry Cavendish and see where the day takes me. Be in good health

  1. i’m with you on that one mike after a hard day its nice to just light up a pipe and enjoy the aroma that comes from the tobacco and relax

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