Did that just happen?

In Friends, smoking, stories, story, tobacco on October 26, 2012 at 3:52 AM

I was reading a series of stories online, and was reminded of the time a complete unknown walked up to me and praised me for having the courage to smoke my pipe. Here is that story.

It was a warm summer day and I was slated to get a haircut. My friend and neighbour was outside smoking a cigarette, and since I had some time on my hands, I loaded up my pipe. I had nary a puff from the briar before I heard “How old are you?” I turn to see a man approaching me; his cap denoting that he was a serviceman, so I felt obliged to indulge his question. “Twenty-three, sir” I say with my pipe clenched in my teeth.

He asked if I had anyone else in my family who smoked a pipe, and I told him that I come from a long line of birar buddies. He said that his grandfater, father and uncle smoked for over thirty years, before they gave it up.

We ended the conversation with “Thank you young man. You have given me hope for the young. Thank you!” We shook hands, and he left. It was my first such encounter where the words ‘murderer’, ‘baby killer’ and ‘asshole’ where neither spoken, nor thought. Being from California, and having many such encounters where said words were exchanged…it gave me a start when we had a plesant encounter to cap a beautiful outing.

That guy was a rarity. Not just because he was a Utahan who enjoyed the pipe smoking, and trust me, there aren’t many, but because he did not seem to have a story about how he had known someone who died of cancer just to scare me. He did, however have a story about how he didn’t develop the taste for the pipe like his family members did.

I have already shared why I smoke the briar and will not repete myself, but I will add that I find a good briar, tobacco and friends is all a man needs in his life.

  1. you forgot most important family

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