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What happened to boxing? When I was a kid, wrestling was king, but USA managed to drop some boxing in after WWF RAW. I would try to sneak a peek, if mom would let me.

It seems that MMA has taken over the world, and boxing is once again the step-child of the sporting world, and banished to the basement. Nowadays, boxers are famous for the things they do out of the ring. Floyd Mayweather is famous for his stint in WWE and jail. When I grew up, I knew who Mike Tyson was because of his 90 second knockout. He was in WWF (now WWE) for a short time, but I was familiar with his boxing.

When boxing was at it’s zenith, the fighters maybe got 5 grand for a fight, and that’s before the manager took his cut. Now each fighter has the potential for making millions in one fight. I know that the days of Ali and Marciano are long over, and the purses are bigger because of the changes in time, but most fighters don’t deserve the millions they make in my opinion. I believe I read that in Marciano’s day, the losing fighter didn’t make any money, unless he had a title.

I wont get into the differences between each boxer, but I like fighters who are known for what they do in the ring and leave it there; win lose or draw, it’s all in the ring!

Of course, you can’t blame wrestling and MMA for the downfall of professional boxing. Not when guys like Tyson bite their opponent’s ear off, or guys like Lennox Lewis (allegedly) throw a fight, or guys beat on their wives…. The fighters are just as much responsible for runing their sport as they are for expanding it. I am not a fan of Ali’s antics out of the ring, but he did try to raise the sport out of the old smokey arenas, and he did. Nowadays the fighters just want to make their money ‘f’ all the rest.

I hope that one day we can see a raise in boxing again. Not to levels that where seen in the 40’s or 50’s but, but at least up to the number two slot in professional sports

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