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I love the Amtrak

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My last blog was about the horrid, deploreable condition in Greyhound’s Salt Lake City station; this one will be the follow-up for the Amtrak.

First, let’s get the bias out of the air. I LOVE TRAINS! There. Now, when I went to Utah some and a half ago, it was my first time on a train that did not have “mass transit” or “public rail” attached to its name. I have ridden the train at the }alifornia State Railroad Musem before, but this was my first trip that was well over a few hours; 16 to be exact. I got to the Amtrak in Sacramento early, as per request not knowing what to expect. I was terrified that I would die, Amtrak did not have the best track record, if you’ll pardon the pun. I was seated in coach, as that’s all my family could afford. I had to pay for my meals which was fine. My first trip away from home and my family wanted me to have “the full train experience”. My lunch was fine; angus burger with cheese and bacon. Had the same for this go-round, also. I entered the cab, gave my ticket to the conductor, and took my seat (cried like a baby, as I had never been away from home for more than a few days before
entering the train) My seat was empty until we reached Reno, where a man headed to Chicago occupied it.

The coach cabin was clean-spotless in fact. Bathroom was tiny, but it is a train… The ride was pleasent, and I did enjoy it every second of the way. My return trip that was made today was in a sleeper car. I was with my aunt, so I had the top bunk, complete with cargo net to prevent my falling out. Slept like a baby! All meals included in the ticket price, turn-down service and sleeping car attendant for your every need; ours was named Johnny. Couldn’t have been nicer to us. He made me feel like I was home already. I hope he goes far with Amtrak.

The train station in Sac was under construction, but it was still easy to walk around, even for my aunt and her cane. If you can, take Amtrak. It’s THE BEST way to travel!

Greyhound buses are the worst

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On the first leg of my trip back home, we had to take Greyhound from Saint George to Salt Lake City. The SLC station is the worst.

Where to begin? First, exactly one half of the electrical outlets do not work; either top or bottom, does not matter… The video games are always out of order, and to top it off, the bathroom sinks aren’t attached to the countertops. None of them. I am speaking of the men’s room, naturally.

About the only nice thing that I could say about the Salt Lake City station is the baggage handler was nice, and even offered to carry my heavy carry-on bag for me. That was it.

Horrible food, a microwave that stank when opened…. An arrogant “help” staff (aside from the aforementioned baggage handler) the driver tended to mumble when he spoke into the radio…. If not for my aunt and her portable DVD player, the several times the bus broke down would’ve been unbearable…

I pen this as I await my Amtrak train back home. Now, this station is small when you compare it to the one in Sac, but they seem to want your business. And, no they do not get favorable reviews because I love trains, and riding in one was the best 16 hours of my life, it does help, however… I am going to board the train now, so if you have to travel, use Amtrak. It is the best public transportation we have. Good night

I’m leaving

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This morning marked my final day in Saint George! As I type this, my aunt and I are sitting in the bus station. The Greyhound is broken down, and I am resting up.

My grandmother was most displeased when we left, but Oh, well, she brought it on her self. Any how, the lady Barbara, I believe was her name, was most helpful in assisting my aunt and I while trying to sort our luggage situation out. We had to pay for my trunk, as it was a tad overweight…like its owner!

We finally left Parawon so I think that will suffice for the time being. Will blog again once I get to Salt Lake City.

Mixed feelings

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As I sit here facing my final night in Southern Utah, I thought I would share some or the things I found while living here.

First up is, the fact that everything here has “Red Rock” or “Red Cliff” in it’s title. Every. Thing.

The state controls its booze, so to get anything stronger than watered-down piss water, you’ve got to get to a state liquor store. Lucky for me, there is one by the place I’m leaving. In California, you can get everything in one frakking liquor store.

The heat is bad here, with it reaching over 115 by 9AM three months out of the year. The other seasons are short, if they exist at all; seems like we have two seasons: cold and BLAZING! Will not be missing that!

The Mormons here are great. Say what you will, but they where some of the most polite, nicest people I have ever met! The ones back home seem to follow you until you agree to become a Mormon…..

I did notice a tonne of religiocity out here; mainly American beliefs. Not one singal Muslam, or any Arab belief, for that matter. Plenty of Mormons (naturally) Catholics, all the major Jesus-based religions where prominant.

For a big Mormon/Christian ton and state, our library has a bunch of Sci-Fi and science material. I enjoyed checking them out every time I went down to the library. That is where I got exposed to the Battlestar Galactica re-boot.

The friends I’ve made will be missed, but I have their contact info, so all is well.

The class of people where just better. Not that we lived in the “rich” part of town, but we had more people who took pride in being an American and tried to get themself to a higher social plain. In California, everyone seemed to be content with the money provided by the Welfare department.

Well, the Sandman is at the door. So, until next time, good night, Utah

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today was Thanksgiving; I personally enjoyed the day. Of course I pigged out like a Viking Warrior in Odin’s Great Hall. I spent it with my Aunt and Grandmother whereas my mom spent it with my sister, brother and Godson. We connected via telephone call and a good time was had by all.

Last Thanksgiving was my first holiday away from home. My aunt, and cousins came down from all corners of the globe, and they helped make it a decent holiday.

Christmas is next up, and I pray to Odin that you dear readers are not part of the throngs of dullards who where taken in by “Black Friday Doorbusters”. I took part in the “festivites” one year and felt like a damn fool! My cousin and I stood in line at a Wal-Mart for an hour, only to come away empty handed.

Whatever your plans are for the Holidays, make them a fun, if not good time. I will be home for the Holidays, so I will be with the ones I love most in this world. If you can’t be with the ones you love, love the ones you’re with.

What’s up with pro wrestling?

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As I sit here watching the Macho Man Randy Savage DVD, it got me thinking, what happened to good wrestling?

I grew up with the “Monday Night Wars” between Vince McMahon’s WWE and Ted Turner’s WCW. I would love WWE, whereas my brother loved WCW. We would watch one and tape the other for watching later. Sadly, some years ago, Vince got full control over Turner’s failing wrestling promotion, thus ending forever any competition with World Wrestling Federation.

I know that pro wrestling is geared towards the young kids just entering the latter stages of elementary or entering high school, but it is not entertaining anymore. For a promotion who is the “world wide leader in sports entertainment”, they should have a little more sport, or some more entertaining.

Good wrestlers, such as Savage, Vader, the Steiner Brother, Mike Awesome, Dusty Rhodes, Arn and Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, among others have all gotten old, retired, or died, but the Internet says guys like CM Punk, and John Cena are good talents. I have seen a few matches with both, and I cannot see any wrestling “talent” from either.

The biggest element from pro wrestling I have in my mind is when The Undertaker was supposed to be a dark minister, and “sacraficed” Mideon. I have no idea why, but its stuck there.

For good wrestling, I turn to Lucha Libre out of Mexico. There, they say it’s a tradition. Quite a few good wrestlers come out of Japan, but for some odd reason, American promoters seem to think slow, boring matches with big guys is what we want to see. The match between Rey Mysterio and Dean Melanko was epic. Two small guys who had great technical skills made a fantastic match. When rey got called up to WWE, he became a body builder and lost a ton of technical skill; now he is just another big guy in WWE.

Sadly, Chris Benoit is no longer with us, but will forever be linked to the era of good wrestling, as will Mike Awesome. Hit up the Internet and watch Mike Awesome v Masato Tanaka.

Random Thoughts: November 18, 2012

In annoyances, Rants, raves on November 18, 2012 at 11:42 AM

This blog post will be another in the series of random thoughts and annoyances that I have.

It annoys me when people dye their hair an outlandish colour. We all know that you do it for attention.

Another annoying this is people who would rather text as they’re walking. I keep my phone stashed in a pocket while I’m moving, as not to get into an accident….

People who have no reason to be down on the police, yet still are, just because it’s something to do. The police have a hard enough job as it is, shouldn’t we try to make it eeasier on them? Besides, if you did nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

One more annoyancee is the people who drive and talk on the cell phone simultaniously. Unless it’s an emergency, hang up the damn the phone! You are driving a dangerous weapon, pay attention…

People who have nothing better to do but complain. Get a hobby, there are literally billions of hobbies out there; pick one!

Neighbours annoy me. If I could live in a place where I know my neighbours, but didn’t have to talk to them, or see them, it would be great!

Nosy people also annoy me. Is knowing what everyone is doing really enriching your life? Because it does nothing for mine!

People who read a book after the movie comes out and act superior to everyone else annoys the beejesus outta me! You didn’t even know the story was in written word until AFTER the screen version, so don’t pretend like your better than me!

Thanks for reading my rants! If you want more, drop me a comment

I guess I get it from my daddy?

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Before my father passed, he was working on a novel. From what he told us, it was similar to the Lord of the Rings series. He told us after he finished it, we could read it. Sadly, a computer glitch deleted the file on the floppy disk, so he never got to finish it, and we never got to read it.

I am currently working on a few novels, and I figure I get it from him. As far as I know, he was the only member of the family who wrote, or had any passion for it. Growing up, we could hear the ‘klak-klak’ of the typewriter followed by “Damnit!” and the sound of paper being ripped out, crumpled up and thrown away; he would start again, without fail.

That was the biggest memory of my childhood; my father’s typewriter. When he would let us use it for our homework, I felt like my dad. I would type out the work, followed by a silent “damnit!” and start the next page. When we got the computer for the first time, he did not like it. We showed him how to use Microosoft Word, and he typed something like 20 pages an hour, and when he was done, he was done for the day. That’s it; he wouldn’t even type the following pages until the next day.

He kept the pages in a box marked “ART’S MANUSCRIPT – HANDS OFF!” We all wanted to read it, but knew better. Not to mention that we respected and loved him enough to respect his wishes. He often said that he wanted to be as famous as Stephen King, and was undecided if he wanted as many novels as he did. When he would talk about his writing, I would sit there with the wide-eyed joy that a boy gets when he talks to his daddy. Even retelling these memories makes me smile.

I don’t want to be as famous as Tom Clancy, or Stephen King, but will settle on one published work, other than the few letters that have been published in the various magazines I read as a youth. My current novel is about a hockey team in Minnesota. I will not devulge any more than that, but I feel strongly for my hockey. I am not only writing a sports novel, but have several private investigator stories stashed away as well. Like Tom Clancy, my work is well researched, and I keep notes on a pad in my pocket.

As I wrap this up, do any of you have any writers in your family? Would love to have your stories!

New beginnings?

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As I write this, I am facing another move. Normally, I shelter my personal life, but today’s posting is exempt.

My grandmother is declining mental health, and facing an assisted living home. The other options I had have been closed. I have no other option but to return home to Mother’s…. I am both happy, and saddened by this. Sad because I have to return home to mommy’s, yet happy that I have to go back home.

I have been in Utah for 18 months or more, and have not seen my family, save for my aunt. I miss my nephew like the dickens and have a new nephew that I have not seen yet. I am happy to see my family again, yet saddened to leave my second home.

I wish no one ill will and want the best for them. I have weighed my options, and returning home is the only way I can see to keep my sanity. I will not go into details why I am returning home, just that I have tried and my ailing grandmother is declining mentally, and I can no longer provide the care she needs. I hope for the best with her in both physical and mental health. I will miss the friends that I have made while here, but we have ways to keep in contact, so we can stay in touch.

My mother is and will be over the moon to have her baby boy home again, even if that means I have to live with mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, as she is the nicest woman alive. It is just…as a grown man, I should not have to live with my mother. I love them, and will continue to love them until my final breath has excaped my lungs.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am begging you to keep calm, and smoke a pipe. Enjoy your life and your loved ones. Good night.

Veteran’s Day

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I thought it being a day for rememberance, I would share a few Veteran’s day stories. My entire family has some military history of one kind or another. My father was in the Air Force, as were most of my uncles. My knees being bad prevent me from joining up, but I did join the United States Draft; I will go if I am called, no worries!

My favorite story is one that almost got me hit. I was in a gas station once and two US Marines where in front of me. I talked to em, and thanked them for their service. When it came time for us to pay, I cut in line and told the clerk to put their gas on my tab. “Hey, man, we can pay for our own gas.” said the one who towered over me. I told him “Yeah, but’cha ain’t!” I told em that their service meant the world to me, and paying for their gas was nothing for me to repay. The second Marine wanted to hang my from my shorts, but I won out, and paid for everything.

Another time was when I was shopping and an Air Force private was a few dollars short or something, and had to leave the item behind. I could see in his face that he wanted this item- I think it was juice – so, I bought it and took it to him. I said “Sir, you dropped this” and handed it to him. He said “Thank you, but I didn’t buy it.” I shook my head and said “When you joined the military, you bought it; I just paid for it.” I shook his hand and left him there with his juice. Made me feel better for helping the service member who probably hadn’t seen a decent person since he left home. It’s not anything major, but I wanted him, and all service members to know that not everyone back home despises you.

If you love your feedom, thank a vet!

From the very pit of my heart, thank you, all of you!

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