Every family has one

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2012 at 8:35 PM

I am often reminded of my crazy uncles. My uncle JB, who passed away a few months ago was my favourite. We always went to him when we needed teeth pulled. He had this way of making us laugh, and like lightning, our teeth where lying on a napkin before us. No pain, just laughter and astonishment at his speed. Then we get to my other uncles. Well to of em; both on mother’s side. My eldest uncle, Jack (not his real name) convinced his younger brother, Frodo (again not his real name) to sit on the reel-style mower that was commonplace in their childhood. Now, I can only assume that Frodo did what Jack told him, being I used to do everything my older brother told me. Frodo sat upon the mower, and it proceeded to cut, as mowers do. It did not cut Frodo’s trousers, rather it cut his hindend to shreads! My late grandmother took him to the hospital where the doctor looked at the chart and exclaimed ‘Jack or Frodo?’ My uncles have been in the ER a lot in childhood. Both uncles have gro
wn up, but Frodo has….well he did not grow up as much. One day in his thirty’s, Frodo was riding his bike with a few chums. My grandmother gets a call that Frodo is in the hospital and rushes over there. Frodo’s friend Samwise (not a real name) told my grandma that they where riding bikes, and Frodo thought he could take this jump and get a shortcut home. Well, the jump was not 3 feet, but rather 30. 30 feet and one shattered kidney later he had to give up the booze, and go straight.
I guess that crazy runs in my family, but I believe that my mother’s other two brothers had the crazy stolen by Frodo and Jack. My uncles Aragorn, and Gimli (not their real names) have families, and have never been ‘wild and crazy’. Jack once convinced Frodo that if he had a cape, climbed to the roof and jumped, he could fly like Superman. Well, Frodo jumped, and flew..like a stone. One broken arm is his reward… I have a crazy family, but I lovem in spiite of it!

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