Election Day 2012

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2012 at 5:10 PM

I voted today. I will not tell you for whom, nor will I say why. Your vote, your choice. I voted for the folks I thought could do the job.

When I turned 18, I was happy; I could finally voice my opinion and be heard…and buy tobacco, but that] another post… My first election was great; I sat around the television with my family and we poured over the news of which precinct was going which way, and which candidate had the most votes. My brother saying the Republicans will take it, and my father saying the Democrats will. It was all majestic for me. I was not 18 at the time of this story, so I watched with awe as the newsman said “Polls are now closed for Central and Northern Sacramento”. My heart started to beat at a quickened pace, my brow soaked with sweat. Dan Rather’s sayings ringing out on the CBS Evening News. My dad told us Kerry has the lead, as Rather just said it; my brother saying “Uh, no. NBC has Bush at an incredible lead”. I believe i was just 15 at the time, but I had my own beliefs and political leanings.

Growing up in a Democratic (the party) house, my brother would watch the GOP members like Limbaugh and Hannity. About the time I was 16 I started watching Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Culter and Michael Savage. I would listen to the Hannity radio show with my older brother and say “Dude, it’s all right-propaganda” to which my brother would quip “NO IT’S NOT! THE LIBERAL IDEA IS TO THROW MONEY AT THE PROBLEM UNTIL IT GOES AWAY! YOU’RE JUST SAYING THIS BECAUSE YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, AND ARE BRAINWASHED BY THE BIAS!” I actually said it to get his goat, as it where; it worked. Every time! Over time I began to see that Republican side of things fit my belief system more than the Democrats’ version. My parents are and have been for many generations, Democrats. My father often quipped “How can two Democrats raise two Republicans? It’s just not natural!”

The day I registered to vote was on my 18th birthday. My good friend, and brother from another mother was with me, and called me boring because I registed for The US Draft and became a voter. My grandmother beieved that if you voted, the Government had used that to get you for jury duty. There was simply no arguing with her, no matter how many times we told her that the jury duty pool was fiilled with driver license holders. She was the Yoda of my family; what she said was true, and your opinion was rubbish. My first election did not go the way I had voted, but I was honestly happy that America had her first black President, and I still am. I am just not happy with some of the choices he] made over his time, and I can let my voice be heard.

So, weither you are a red stae, or a blue state sort of chap, go vote. As my mother’s Pastor said “I will not tell you to vote for person A or person B, but I will tell you either vote, or shut up.”

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