New beginnings?

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2012 at 4:32 AM

As I write this, I am facing another move. Normally, I shelter my personal life, but today’s posting is exempt.

My grandmother is declining mental health, and facing an assisted living home. The other options I had have been closed. I have no other option but to return home to Mother’s…. I am both happy, and saddened by this. Sad because I have to return home to mommy’s, yet happy that I have to go back home.

I have been in Utah for 18 months or more, and have not seen my family, save for my aunt. I miss my nephew like the dickens and have a new nephew that I have not seen yet. I am happy to see my family again, yet saddened to leave my second home.

I wish no one ill will and want the best for them. I have weighed my options, and returning home is the only way I can see to keep my sanity. I will not go into details why I am returning home, just that I have tried and my ailing grandmother is declining mentally, and I can no longer provide the care she needs. I hope for the best with her in both physical and mental health. I will miss the friends that I have made while here, but we have ways to keep in contact, so we can stay in touch.

My mother is and will be over the moon to have her baby boy home again, even if that means I have to live with mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, as she is the nicest woman alive. It is just…as a grown man, I should not have to live with my mother. I love them, and will continue to love them until my final breath has excaped my lungs.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am begging you to keep calm, and smoke a pipe. Enjoy your life and your loved ones. Good night.

  1. can’t wait to have you back mike

  2. I’ve lived with “mommy” my entire life. I’m in no way proud of this, but sometimes, living a sheltered existence is the best course of action for some of us. See you soon, dear friend.

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