I guess I get it from my daddy?

In Uncategorized on November 15, 2012 at 3:55 AM

Before my father passed, he was working on a novel. From what he told us, it was similar to the Lord of the Rings series. He told us after he finished it, we could read it. Sadly, a computer glitch deleted the file on the floppy disk, so he never got to finish it, and we never got to read it.

I am currently working on a few novels, and I figure I get it from him. As far as I know, he was the only member of the family who wrote, or had any passion for it. Growing up, we could hear the ‘klak-klak’ of the typewriter followed by “Damnit!” and the sound of paper being ripped out, crumpled up and thrown away; he would start again, without fail.

That was the biggest memory of my childhood; my father’s typewriter. When he would let us use it for our homework, I felt like my dad. I would type out the work, followed by a silent “damnit!” and start the next page. When we got the computer for the first time, he did not like it. We showed him how to use Microosoft Word, and he typed something like 20 pages an hour, and when he was done, he was done for the day. That’s it; he wouldn’t even type the following pages until the next day.

He kept the pages in a box marked “ART’S MANUSCRIPT – HANDS OFF!” We all wanted to read it, but knew better. Not to mention that we respected and loved him enough to respect his wishes. He often said that he wanted to be as famous as Stephen King, and was undecided if he wanted as many novels as he did. When he would talk about his writing, I would sit there with the wide-eyed joy that a boy gets when he talks to his daddy. Even retelling these memories makes me smile.

I don’t want to be as famous as Tom Clancy, or Stephen King, but will settle on one published work, other than the few letters that have been published in the various magazines I read as a youth. My current novel is about a hockey team in Minnesota. I will not devulge any more than that, but I feel strongly for my hockey. I am not only writing a sports novel, but have several private investigator stories stashed away as well. Like Tom Clancy, my work is well researched, and I keep notes on a pad in my pocket.

As I wrap this up, do any of you have any writers in your family? Would love to have your stories!

  1. wrote a tv show script had a web site etc called McNamara then lost it all

  2. I can recall being one of the few outside of your immediate family who expressed any desire or interest in reading this novel that seemed to be written in perpetuity; I was disheartened to hear of its demise after having been lost — this is why I wholly believe in keeping physical copies of anything digital on hand, be it a potential novel or music files.

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