Mixed feelings

In leaving, Moving, utah on November 24, 2012 at 3:24 AM

As I sit here facing my final night in Southern Utah, I thought I would share some or the things I found while living here.

First up is, the fact that everything here has “Red Rock” or “Red Cliff” in it’s title. Every. Thing.

The state controls its booze, so to get anything stronger than watered-down piss water, you’ve got to get to a state liquor store. Lucky for me, there is one by the place I’m leaving. In California, you can get everything in one frakking liquor store.

The heat is bad here, with it reaching over 115 by 9AM three months out of the year. The other seasons are short, if they exist at all; seems like we have two seasons: cold and BLAZING! Will not be missing that!

The Mormons here are great. Say what you will, but they where some of the most polite, nicest people I have ever met! The ones back home seem to follow you until you agree to become a Mormon…..

I did notice a tonne of religiocity out here; mainly American beliefs. Not one singal Muslam, or any Arab belief, for that matter. Plenty of Mormons (naturally) Catholics, all the major Jesus-based religions where prominant.

For a big Mormon/Christian ton and state, our library has a bunch of Sci-Fi and science material. I enjoyed checking them out every time I went down to the library. That is where I got exposed to the Battlestar Galactica re-boot.

The friends I’ve made will be missed, but I have their contact info, so all is well.

The class of people where just better. Not that we lived in the “rich” part of town, but we had more people who took pride in being an American and tried to get themself to a higher social plain. In California, everyone seemed to be content with the money provided by the Welfare department.

Well, the Sandman is at the door. So, until next time, good night, Utah

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