I love the Amtrak

In Uncategorized on November 28, 2012 at 1:16 AM

My last blog was about the horrid, deploreable condition in Greyhound’s Salt Lake City station; this one will be the follow-up for the Amtrak.

First, let’s get the bias out of the air. I LOVE TRAINS! There. Now, when I went to Utah some and a half ago, it was my first time on a train that did not have “mass transit” or “public rail” attached to its name. I have ridden the train at the }alifornia State Railroad Musem before, but this was my first trip that was well over a few hours; 16 to be exact. I got to the Amtrak in Sacramento early, as per request not knowing what to expect. I was terrified that I would die, Amtrak did not have the best track record, if you’ll pardon the pun. I was seated in coach, as that’s all my family could afford. I had to pay for my meals which was fine. My first trip away from home and my family wanted me to have “the full train experience”. My lunch was fine; angus burger with cheese and bacon. Had the same for this go-round, also. I entered the cab, gave my ticket to the conductor, and took my seat (cried like a baby, as I had never been away from home for more than a few days before
entering the train) My seat was empty until we reached Reno, where a man headed to Chicago occupied it.

The coach cabin was clean-spotless in fact. Bathroom was tiny, but it is a train… The ride was pleasent, and I did enjoy it every second of the way. My return trip that was made today was in a sleeper car. I was with my aunt, so I had the top bunk, complete with cargo net to prevent my falling out. Slept like a baby! All meals included in the ticket price, turn-down service and sleeping car attendant for your every need; ours was named Johnny. Couldn’t have been nicer to us. He made me feel like I was home already. I hope he goes far with Amtrak.

The train station in Sac was under construction, but it was still easy to walk around, even for my aunt and her cane. If you can, take Amtrak. It’s THE BEST way to travel!


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