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Christmas Memories

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As I type this, I am spending the night at my sister’s. We spent the day here playing with my nephews and enjoying the day. This will be one of my favorites.

I know that not all of you can have what you want, but I got everything I want. I have a good family, and had a great day. What more could I ask for?

My favourite memory i of waking up at 6 am to get my parents up, who would rather stay in a nice warm bed. I got my family up at 7 today, and prommptly went to bed after the presents where unwrapped.

As a kid, mom would pass out presentts as dad sat on the couch, cigarette burning away in his half asleep hands. He would open them up AFTER he had a cup of coffee. I remember he hated knowing what we got other people. He wanted to see and be as excited as the recepient.

He would always want the tree up the 23rd and down the 26th, but mom won out, and had it up for two weeks before and down after new years.

There was a time when we couldn’t afford store bought presents, but mom knitted scarfs and slipper socks for the family, and not a word was said in complaints; we where happy just to have something that mom made.

Hope your Christmas is bright, and have a happy New Years!

Sleeping on a cloud?

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Now that that is out of the way…. I received the “Sobakawa Pillow” as a gift from a lady that I work for. She bought it for knee support, but said it felt weird, so she gave it to me. I’ve been using it for a couple nights now, and feel I should let the Internet know my feelings on it.

I am laying on it now as I post this from my phone, so I know it’s feel; it is not like a cloud; rather like a concrete slab you tossed a pillow on. The science is sound as the “magic” beads do absorb your head’s weight, but it did not make me feel fresher as I awoke. I woke up with pain in my neck and shoulders, but it being the first night, I chalked that up to working all day and my body recovering from it. The second night yeilded no results, either.

I must say that the hair on the back of my head STILL GETS MATTED DOWN, and I awake with that familiar bed head. Me 2 commercial 0.

I am keeping it, however, as I need a pillow. Had I not received it as a gift, I never would’ve bothered with it. Buy and try at your own risk, my friends.

Public transit

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While living in Utah, I forgot how tedious it was to travel via public transit. That’s not to say I had a car; I had my license, but no auto, I would walk to my places…

As I sit here, the Placer County bus is speeding down the highway, headed into Roseville, from there I will transfer to another bus line and finally see my nephew; his birthday was yesterday and I missed it.

The Sacramento RT drivers act as if it is a burden they would rather not bare when you get on. The Placer Co drivers are all to happy to have you on their line. It is also cheaper to ride the Placer bus than it is to ride the Sac RT. Maybe it is because I have lived in Sacramento too long, and expect every person on the street to be a rude, ill mannored jackass, but the populus of the Placer County riders are nice and even helped my mother the last time we rode with her Christmas tree. (she was bringing it for my sister.)

I have only been to my sister’s neighbourhood one other time, but there the people seemed like they where all too happy to have interactions with the general public. I’m not saying that I enjoy the general public, but here they act as if the Elephant Man came walking up to you as a Leper. Maybe Sacramento is California’s depository for jerks and jackasses?

Internet help?

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Recently, I found Yahoo! Answers to be helpful. To me at least. I searched for help on a video game, and found it to be accurate. However, that is not the case in all matters.

I get that Yahoo’s Answer page is designed to be used my the public and for the public, but I feel for the young kids looking for love advice on the site. If the stereotypes are true, then middleschoolers will not know anything about love. When I use the site, I generally try to help people, I know I am not the majority. I dont “troll” the site looking to mess with the young kids, but rather I try and dispense the wisdom enparted to me by my late father. When it comes to love, who knows? If love advice you seek, a parent or trusted older friend or relative you should seek, no? When my girlfriend broke up with me, the Internet was not used for help. I took my own advice and asked my older brother for help. He told me “Fuck ten other women. It’s going to hurt, no getting around that.” It did hurt, but we remain friends to this day. She is a good person, and we drifted apart. Wish her the best, honestly.

There have been a few good pearls of wisdom on the site, however. One lad asked about cutting himself, and found some solid advice. At the time of writing this, however, I do not know if he cut himself, or not. I honestly hope he took the advice and “Put the razor blade down, got dressed and called his loved ones, just to say he loved them” (user quote).

Young people of the world, if to the Internet you go for the advice you seek, a second opinion from a real person you should get.

Just remember, online no one knows you’re a dog.

And if you have trouble in life, seek help from a friend, and not a sharp blade or quick end to a short life. Suicide does cause pain, despite the song. Stay strong

New job!

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Yesterday, I phoned a lady who was in need of help around her house. There was no answer, but I left a message. Today, I met her face to face, and I start Tuesday.

My family knows her, and says she’s a nice gal. I’ll be doing what I did in Utah, but getting paid and not yelled at. I didn’t bring up price, but I can after seeing what’s needed. She lives up the road from the library, so it’ll be close to home, and only a few hours a week, so I will still have free time. One hope I have is that I can save up enough to get a cheap car; maybe a Ford pickup.

Who knows, maybe I can parlay that into more work for the neighbours, who knows?

I am excited, and nervious. Not nervious because I don’t know how to do the work, I do; I’m just nervious because it’s a new start, and who knows what that’ll bring. Still excited either way…

I love my doggie

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I have recently become owned by a beautiful Blue-Nose Pit Bull & Boxer mix. My mother and aunt found her at their work, and brought her home while I was still in Utah. I met her for the first time when I come home. I played with her for a short time, considering I was tired as heck from bringing the luggage around all day.

Then yesterday, it all changed. I threw her rope around for two hours, only stopping long enough for her to drink water. That’s right, she got to drink, I didn’t…she would tolerate me stopping to tamp my pipe ash down…but barely…

I had another dog from the time I was two weeks old until I was ten. The official story is that someone broke into my uncle’s backyard and stole her, along with everything she had. I honestly felt that I would never love another animal as long as I lived. Admiral Barky changed that.

I told my mother that she lost a dog, but I had gained one. Barky, or ‘Baby’ as they called her, has taken to me, and I to her. I honestly do not know what my life would be like without her to play with, and to love.

She is a pup yet, and we are training her to accept commands. She knows ‘down’ and ‘find’ pretty well. She is leash trained, but we don’t take her for walks often, as the neighbourhood is full of dogs that would just as soon attack you, as they would lick you; I don’t want that for my Barky. She is a very gentle dog. I hand feed her, and she uses her lips to push the food out of my hand and into her mouth. Now if we could convince her to tire out when we do…..

Book review: The Pipe Smoker

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I figured, since I can’t find the book on Goodreeds.com, I could share the review with you here.

The cover is nice. It’s a tobacco coloured front with the title “The Pipe Smoker” in white lettering. Decorating the front cover is various pipe designs.

The content of the book is divided into three parts. The first of which deals with the mentality of the pipe smoker, second is how to smoke a pipe, followed by the third; how they’re made. I found the first part to be very good, as I didn’t know about the psychological aspects of pipe smoking, and I’ve been a pipe smoker for five years now! The other two where equally well written, despite me knowledge in them.

This book had a few hand drwn images inserted into the page, and each chapter started off with a quote, either from famous literary titles, or by people the author interviewed, or knew personally; I enjoyed them both very much.

Naturally, I read this yarn while enjoying a pipe over several days. The subject matter of the book had nothing to do with my choice to smoke while enjoying the tome; I always read something while I smoke.

I am giving this book five out of five stars. Would most certanly read again!


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I’m all for helping other people, but there are an awful lot of charties out there. However you feel about whatever cause you want, just beware of the scams.

My mother tells of the Salvation Army and the time they helped us when we where young. I do not recall it personally, but she said they helped her and dad pay the bills one December, and for that she always donates her spare change to the SA bell ringers.

One chilly December afternoon, I was a few cents short on getting what I needed for some Guitar strings. I felt terrible that I had to ask somebody for change. Took me almost an hour to work up the courage to ask someone, for fear that my then long hair and gruff appearance would frighten them. I finally got the gumpshin, and asked a fellow. He gave me a couple dollars, despite me telling him I only needed fifty cents. I purchased my guitar strings, and when I returned to the spot where he was waiting, he was gone. The people I asked had no clue where he was, nor of whom I spoke. I looked around for about another hour, not finding him. I heard the chiming of bells, and thought ‘someone helped me, might as well pay it forward’. I approached the familiar red kettle and deposited a measley (to me) sum. The bell ringer said ‘Thanks, sir. Merry Christmas’. I felt both might proud, and ashamed all at the same time. Pround that I helped somebody who needed it, and ashamed that I had to ask…

In the paper, you can find a pantheon of “charitable causes”. Most of which turn out to be fakes. In Utah, we had one whose name I shall not mention. They wanted to help the homeless in the state and claimed to be helpers of the LDS/Mormon church. I, living in Utah at the time, asked an LDS member about the name, and he asked his Elder (high-ranking Mormon) about the charity; he had no idea, but he did contact his local police officer. Sadly, I left before I could findout what happened to the “charity” and it’s leader.

Well, in closing, I would like the thank the Salvation Army, and all the other legit charities out there, and caution you dear readers about the phoney ones out there. Thank you for reading, and have a good time this Holiday season

The weather

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As I sit here typing this, the rain is falling. Normally, I would be enjoying this weather, but I cannot smoke without ruining my pipe, so I have become morose.

When I left Utah, it was bright and sunny. California’s weather is the opposite right now. In fact, CA hasn’t seen this much rain in a decade or more, or so the newsman tells me. My mother said the clouds are welcoming me home with my favourite type of weather. It would be nice if they could go away for at least an hour or so, so as to allow me one bowl. I am not complaining, however. Living in the desert has made me love the rain even more; like a man who’s well as run dry and he had to beg and borrow to get a drink.

I am very content with my weather now

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