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I’m all for helping other people, but there are an awful lot of charties out there. However you feel about whatever cause you want, just beware of the scams.

My mother tells of the Salvation Army and the time they helped us when we where young. I do not recall it personally, but she said they helped her and dad pay the bills one December, and for that she always donates her spare change to the SA bell ringers.

One chilly December afternoon, I was a few cents short on getting what I needed for some Guitar strings. I felt terrible that I had to ask somebody for change. Took me almost an hour to work up the courage to ask someone, for fear that my then long hair and gruff appearance would frighten them. I finally got the gumpshin, and asked a fellow. He gave me a couple dollars, despite me telling him I only needed fifty cents. I purchased my guitar strings, and when I returned to the spot where he was waiting, he was gone. The people I asked had no clue where he was, nor of whom I spoke. I looked around for about another hour, not finding him. I heard the chiming of bells, and thought ‘someone helped me, might as well pay it forward’. I approached the familiar red kettle and deposited a measley (to me) sum. The bell ringer said ‘Thanks, sir. Merry Christmas’. I felt both might proud, and ashamed all at the same time. Pround that I helped somebody who needed it, and ashamed that I had to ask…

In the paper, you can find a pantheon of “charitable causes”. Most of which turn out to be fakes. In Utah, we had one whose name I shall not mention. They wanted to help the homeless in the state and claimed to be helpers of the LDS/Mormon church. I, living in Utah at the time, asked an LDS member about the name, and he asked his Elder (high-ranking Mormon) about the charity; he had no idea, but he did contact his local police officer. Sadly, I left before I could findout what happened to the “charity” and it’s leader.

Well, in closing, I would like the thank the Salvation Army, and all the other legit charities out there, and caution you dear readers about the phoney ones out there. Thank you for reading, and have a good time this Holiday season

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