New job!

In Uncategorized on December 7, 2012 at 6:06 PM

Yesterday, I phoned a lady who was in need of help around her house. There was no answer, but I left a message. Today, I met her face to face, and I start Tuesday.

My family knows her, and says she’s a nice gal. I’ll be doing what I did in Utah, but getting paid and not yelled at. I didn’t bring up price, but I can after seeing what’s needed. She lives up the road from the library, so it’ll be close to home, and only a few hours a week, so I will still have free time. One hope I have is that I can save up enough to get a cheap car; maybe a Ford pickup.

Who knows, maybe I can parlay that into more work for the neighbours, who knows?

I am excited, and nervious. Not nervious because I don’t know how to do the work, I do; I’m just nervious because it’s a new start, and who knows what that’ll bring. Still excited either way…

  1. good luck and remember you can always ask for help

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