Internet help?

In Uncategorized on December 16, 2012 at 4:20 AM

Recently, I found Yahoo! Answers to be helpful. To me at least. I searched for help on a video game, and found it to be accurate. However, that is not the case in all matters.

I get that Yahoo’s Answer page is designed to be used my the public and for the public, but I feel for the young kids looking for love advice on the site. If the stereotypes are true, then middleschoolers will not know anything about love. When I use the site, I generally try to help people, I know I am not the majority. I dont “troll” the site looking to mess with the young kids, but rather I try and dispense the wisdom enparted to me by my late father. When it comes to love, who knows? If love advice you seek, a parent or trusted older friend or relative you should seek, no? When my girlfriend broke up with me, the Internet was not used for help. I took my own advice and asked my older brother for help. He told me “Fuck ten other women. It’s going to hurt, no getting around that.” It did hurt, but we remain friends to this day. She is a good person, and we drifted apart. Wish her the best, honestly.

There have been a few good pearls of wisdom on the site, however. One lad asked about cutting himself, and found some solid advice. At the time of writing this, however, I do not know if he cut himself, or not. I honestly hope he took the advice and “Put the razor blade down, got dressed and called his loved ones, just to say he loved them” (user quote).

Young people of the world, if to the Internet you go for the advice you seek, a second opinion from a real person you should get.

Just remember, online no one knows you’re a dog.

And if you have trouble in life, seek help from a friend, and not a sharp blade or quick end to a short life. Suicide does cause pain, despite the song. Stay strong

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