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Leave them wanting more

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2013 at 10:16 PM

As I sit here, the final episode of 30 Rock is in its last few minutes. I could not care less. When I first discovered the program, it was funny. Now it is just boring. I haven’t cared that it was ending for thready few seasons.

That got me thinking about the other shows that have lasted too long. Here they are in no particular order:

M*A*S*H* Did it really take eleven years to cover a three year war? The last few years became a chore to watch, and thanks to TV Land, I can watch the last years ad nasuem.

The X-Files is another show that lasted longer than it should’ve. The original run was supposed to be five years. The executive producers wanted to end it after that, but the show killers at Fox said no, here’s a bush of money. Fuck the show up!

Friends is another. Ross and Rachel having a baby and betting together at the end? Snore!

Star Trek. I hate to admit it, but The Next Generation was on too long. The original series (with Kirk) had three years and NBC pulled the plug after fuckingĀ  up the last two seasons.

The Office is another in the long list o shows that are on too long. Just because that it’s ending this season does not excuse the fact that it should have ended after Michael Scott left to start a family with Jan.

Mad TV is another. Will Sasso got skinny and left, and the show thought that Stephani Wheir was his replacement. Nope!

There are plethora of programs that I could add to the list, but I only have so much room in this blog. The aforementioned shows could’ve taken a lesson from the Babylon 5 Playbook. That show had a beginning, middle and end, and that’s it. It didn’t over stay its welcome. Sure people want it back, or even relaunched, but J.Michael said that the final episode where they blow up the station is it.

Hopefully all shows in the future can take a page from B5 and leave the world wanting more. One can hope…one…can…..hope…

The joys of radio

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2013 at 1:53 AM

Earlier today, I got rid of the iHeart Radio app that I had, as it appears they had dumped KFAN, which I used to listen to the Minnesota Wild games. In its stead, I discovered an old-time radio app. I am listening to an episode of “Gunsmoke” as I type this. My father introduced me to it when I was a child. Now, as a grown adult, I can smell his cigarettes burning away and his coffee.

Young kids nowadays think the radio is just for the Justin Beaver kids or some such nonsense. I remember as a child, I would watch “Remember WENN” which was a TV show about the radio business in there 40’s. I loved it, and wish that I could find the DVDs online…

Radio, as your grandfather can tell you, used to be the sole source of entertainment for the country before the 1950’s influx of the television. As I listen to Gunsmoke, or even Dragnet, I can imagine the story unfolding in front of me. To me, this and reading a book are the best forms of entertainment available.

Nowadays, as I said before, the radio is dominated by “music” on the FM spectrum, and talk radio on the AM side. Kids today do not know the joys that I had when the mailman rang and I saw the box of cassettes that dad had ordered. I knew that therein lies my evening. If I rode with my grandma to pick up my mom from the late shift of the state tax board, we took a cassette of a radio program with us; neither of us said a word while we rode. She smoked, I listened. I was entranced by the story of Orsen Wells’ “War of the Worlds”. I could picture the orchestra playing, the news program cutting in with the story of the attack; the people running in panic. I was in heaven with thoes tapes.

Sadly, we lost the radio tapes in our old storage unit, but dad found some Dragnet episodes online and made a copy of them that I now own. I can picture Sergeant Joe Friday shooting the kid who fired at him, and his anguish over what he had done when he later had to deal with his situation as he filled out the paperwork.

I think my favourite part of the old, original broadcasts was all of the Chesterfield advertisements that filled the station breaks. “Doctors recommended Chesterfield brand cigarettes because studies show that smokers who smoked 10-40 a day (10-40 cigarettes a day, mind you) had no ill effects on the nose, throat, lungs or auxiliary organs”. That tagline still brings me a great deal of laughter. Not just because of the absurdity of the claim, but because of the fact that you can no longer advertise ANY tobacco product over the airwaves.

Well, I think that I will continue my excursion into Dodge City now. Thanks all, and be sure to comment with your favourite radio memories


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Tonight saw the return of Dallas to TNT. It is the second season of the “new” series, and only two episodes in; I already lost interest.

When I first saw the series, I was hooked. The characters where top notch, acting, directing; loved all of it. Then I saw that TNT was renewing the series, and I instantly got excited. The first season came and went, and it got a few good reviews. Season two is not what I hoped for. Already into it and I am doubting that I will watch again next week.

It seems as though the writers have gotten bored, and are just rehashing the old stories with the new, younger cast members. SPOILERS: They are rehashing the Barnes/Ewing fedue with Rebecca, whom we found out last season was Cliff’s daughter, and Bobby’s boy Christopher. Yeah, the writers have run out of ideas already. I know that Larry Hagman was battling cancer at the time of filming, and thus could not be more involved with the show, but I feel that making him, Sue-Ellen and Bobby secondary characters to John Ross, Christopher, Elania and Rebecca just seems wrong. Yes, I know that the show is not geared to the older crowd (or those of us who discovered the show on DVD), but it would be nice to have one storyline featuring the original cast. I did like that Charlene Tilton may a cameo with the character Rey Crebbes (Who’s real name escapes me at the moment).

They kept the original house that was turned into a museum for the show after it wrapped some 20years ago. The layout for Southfork was anxiety breath taking. I think that it is missing the element that the original had; a character that everyone hated. The original had the late Larry Hagman as J.R, and this new one has John Ross Ewing the third, but I think he is meant for the females to gawk over, and not meant to be the hated character the series needs. The wonlmen are beautiful, but in total honesty, they aren’t the best choices. Maybe the writers, producers and casting directors had to get them dozen before Larry got to ill to film? I am by no means a critic, nor an actor, but I am the one sitting on my couch watching this every week wondering who the hell is enjoying this, as I feel that qualifies me to tell the internet my opinions.

Maybe if they found Victoria Principal and offered her a role along side the other Barnes members, then maybe the show would get better. I’m just spit balling here, but maybe the writers could make her the bblack sheep of the family and side with Bobby over her brother/niece. And wile we are on the topic of family, what is up.with Bobby’s wife finding out that her daughter was kidnapped and raised in England? That made no sends to me. Granted, this is just the first two episodes of the storyline, but already I am scratching my head over this one. Maybe they can decide this one and get it over quick. I figure that I ill give it until the midway point of the series before deciding on its fate. It’s not like there is anything else on television at the moment that is of any note.

So, in closing, I bid a fond rest in peace to the late, great Larry Hagman and ponder the fate the television programme that seems as though it cannot get that “Ah-ha!” Moment. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the issue with me.

Rest in peace Larry Hagman

Who watches the Pro Bowl?

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2013 at 1:58 PM

As the NFL’s biggest game if the year approaches, I felt that I should share a few thoughts on the subject.

Right out of the gate, I have to ask who watches it? It used to be held the week after the Super Bowl, but a few years ago, Roger Goddell changed it to to the week before, and moved it out of the state of Hawaii. I feel that no one watches it, because no one cares. The big teams, who play in the Super Bowl are not only not playing, they aren’t even in the same town.

When it was held after the “Big Game”, the broadcasting station saw viewership drop. Then the change to before the Bowl happens, and the players don’t even act like it matters, because it doesn’t. It is just an excuse for the the NFL to milk more money from their fans, and it can say that they have an All-Star game.

Several reasons for the lack of support could be that, A, your stats don’t matter anymore, and B, if you where a good player, you and your team would be in the Super, and not the Pro Bowl. Not to mention that no one cares about the Pro Bowl because they are only watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. OK, not everyone will watch for that, but the true fans will watch for the game. I myself may watch the Super Bowl, if for no other reason, than to watch the Ravens and harass my brother. That is, of course unless the NHL decides to broadcast a better game at the same time. If thus where the NHL’s Winter Classic, which is held on New Year’s Day, there would be no Doug that I would be watching that.

Will you be watching the Super Bowl, or even the Pro Bowl? Either way, comment and let me know.

Plastic surgery run amok

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2013 at 10:47 PM

Some time ago, I blogged about the medication problem in this country. This blog will be about the cosmetic surgery problem. Don’t worry, this will not contain any images that are labled NSFW, so feel free to browse while you work…

The problem that I have with plastic surgery is that people, mainly young females who get it just because they can. Young women who obviously have no personalities rush into these offices because the frat boy up the road will only talk to the big chested girls and not to them. He is only interested in you for the boobies. Develop a personality, or highlight what nature gave you. Recently I read about a doctor who will try to talk these young gals out of getting the work done if he feels that they have a real disorder in their minds. He should be commended.

I’m not saying that plastic surgery hasn’t done any good; it has. The men and women serving in the military who come back with injuries and deformities who get it to look somewhat “normal” is fine. In fact, it is the only reason that I can see to get it. Many people do Ned it for whatever reason, be it a jilted lover who took a flame thrower to your face, or an accident that scarred you for life.

This is just my opinion, but I believe that these girls that get a breast augmentation need counciling of some kind. Be it because your step dad was a little to loose with personal boundaries, or your neighbour did not know that no means no…. I get that the older folks who are vapid and shallow “need” the facelift because their like-minded “friends” can’t bare the thought of Snobby McSnob looking her age. If you get it to impress someone who claims to be a friend, then they are not your friend, as true friends look to what’s inside your heart, not your shirt.

I guess that a lot of this comes from my living in California for most of my life, where a person with a surgery is as common as a man with a shirt on, bit at what point do you stop? The entertainment industry is no help, as they seem to only feature the women who have had more plastic in them then the entire run of Barbie Dolls has had in a year. Some, if not all of the blame could be put onto the shoulders of the parents. Not all of them where like mine, who believe that what you have is what you need. These scumbag parents who tell their young, impressionable children that the only way to get ahead in life is to be fake, is deplorable. If you ease your children to have inner confidence, like mine did, then they will not have the need to work at seventy jobs Joliet to save up for a new pair of breasts. I’m not saying that on perfect; far from it.

I can not think of one positive aspect of getting plastic surgery, other than the ones listed above. If i could talk to these girls, I would just ask them why the feel the need to get any work done. If you have a few extra pounds to lose, join a gym. If you have a big nose, be proud of your heritage. Big butt? Join a gym that will help you loose it, or buy clothes that hide it. A pair of pants costs about twenty bucks, a surgery to rid yourself of it costs many hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention a pair or trousers does not come with a risk of dying…

Not to mention that most women want a “real” man. Well having fake breasts, hair, skin tans is not exactly being real, is it?

When I was a lad, I watched these plastic surgery documentaries. I was young and thought that they where great, but as I grew older, I grew to detest the false breasts. I think that women who go from small natural breasts to gigantic fake breasts is just icky. On the other hand, I can understand the girls.who want the other side of the coin. These girls want their large natural breasts smaller, or removed completely, and replaced with fake ones. That is OK, and here’s why. I was watching one of these programs wherein a young girl’s entire family was stricken with breast cancer. She wanted to avoid the tragedy of having to explain to her young kids that she would not be able to attend their big moments in life, so she opted to have her breasts removed. She got them replaced with implants, but didn’t go any bigger than than a C cup, as that is what she had already, if memory serves. I can understand that, having a grandmother and uncle that died from cancer.

I hate that men are opting to go under the knife, but sadly it is a reality. Many men go to these doctors to get a penis enlargement, because they feel that having a (in their words, not mine) a tiny pecker was not an attribute that would get him many ladies. Well, as a man, I am not a supporter, and detractor of this. I feel that what I have is enough, but I’m fine with men going to get theirs enlarged. I am also OK with women going in to get their breasts, and whatever done, just for the record; their bodies, do whatever. I just prefer that the women I date to be as real as they want me to be, is all.

If you are planning on getting your body augmented, do research. Not just on your doctor, but the risks of surgery, your doctor’s operating procedures, your local and state laws, and whatever your heart desires. Hell, I’m sure that you can find a support group online that can help you make a decision in this matter, it is the internet, after all….

For the record, baring any unforeseen accident, I do not plan on having any work done. In happy with how I look, if you don’t like it, then don’t look; don’t care either way.

Take care young folks, and please, get a second opinion on your thoughts of getting plastic surgery done.

Thais for reading this, and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject


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As I sit here enjoying my day, I am in pain; but it is a good pain. The kind of pain a man gets after he puts in a hard days work. I love it!

I was reminded today of previous work experiences. My worst was when I was a kid. I used to rake leaves as a kid to make money for the fall. One day I decided to take a friend along with me. Out was a bad idea because this kid was a whiney little turd. He would “work” for five minuets and complain the work was too hard. Tough shit, cry baby. I, on the other hand, would put in my time happily. I did the job with no complaints, and enjoyed the job. After about the days, I stopped using him. I told him to his face, as that’s what hard working men do, and he took it like a whiney turd would… I did the jobs I had lined up and spent a few dollars, and have the rest to mom and dad to help with the bills. I was a good kid…
So, as I sit here tired and sore, out is a good tired. I have finally found satisfaction in life. The secret is to work hard… I may not make anywhere near as much work as the Wall Street types, but I do a hell of a lot more work than they do, and I feel a ton better than they do.

So, in closing, hard work is the key to happiness. Besides, President Reagan enjoyed it, shouldn’t you?

Farewell to the Kings

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2013 at 6:05 AM

This week brought about news that the Sacramento Kings had been sold to a group in Seattle. The deal was reportedly for 500 million dollars. I was elated for the simple reason that in the last five years, the team has been pure garbage. Their first mistake was firing their head coach, Rick Addleman. The man who took them to the NBA finals 3 out of five years, each ending in the Commence rounds. Then they started hiring players who where sub-par, or trading their good players for garbage ones.

Next came the revolving door of coaches. Mussleman was arrested for DUI the day his one year coaching stint was slated to begin. Smooth move, Maloofs…

Needless to say, I was elated when they announced the departure for Seattle. But, now yet another move is under foot to keep the team here. Their plan, apparently is to bulldoze the Downtown Plaza in order to build them another stadium. Why waste the funds on a team that would rather jump ship anyway? If California is trying tho recover from its budget defect, than wasting millions of tax payer dollars to give the Maloofs a new stadium is NOT the way too do it.

My question is if the new stadium is constructed on K street, where is the light rail going to go? It runs right through that area, and many citizens, myself included, find it a great advantage to hop on the bus and go shopping at the Downtown Plaza. In my last adventure to “The K”, I asked a few business owners if they wanted the new arena. The words they used are not fit to print, but suffice it to say that it was an overwhelming “no”.

Our mayor said that keeping the Kings here was an economic boost to the city. Really, Mr. Mayor? An economic boost? The last game that was broad cast was played before a half-empty stadium. How is it an economic boost? I know the stadium is “ancient” in sports stadium years, but when beer and hot dogs for two run more than your family’s grocery bill – a task that many Sacramento citizens can ill-afford, I say it is time to let them go.

Maybe it is the fact that Sacramento is, in fact a small town that is the drive to keep the team here? Or maybe the government officials know that without the basketball team, Sacramento will be forgotten?

This isn’t the first time the Maloofs have tried to get a new stadium. A few years ago they put the stadium creation up to the hands of the voters. It failed miserably. They wanted to put it in the old rail yards located in Old Sac, but they decided that would not work. In typical school boy fashion, the Maloofs took their idea to another town. Well it must have worked, because now the city government is practictly giving the team a full release to keep the team here. Their first venture would’ve seen the Maloofs getting ALL MONIES from the stadium, which is fine, except they wanted the city and the tax payers to build it…

I say that if the Maloofs want to sell their horrible team to another state, fine. If they want to keep the team, and build their stadium, fine. But the Maloofs have more money than a good portion of Sacramento’s citizens, so if they want a new stadium to attract the big name celebrities that don’t live in Sacramento, then they should build the damn thing, then, and only then should they be upset that they cannot keep all of the monies generated by the venue.

Here are a few ideas to follow if the Maloofs want a stadium. Give them five years to win the NBA championship. All they have to do is win it one year, but two of the five years, they MUST reach the finals.
They also have the five years to find and acquire a head coach and a team that can actually play the game of basketball.
If the city is to build the arena, then the city is to keep the money. It is only right.
Failing that, the Maloofs can take their team, our sell it, or whatever they want to do with them, this blogger could not care any less about about the team than he already does

History made every day?

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As I write this, the History channel is in the midst of a Marathon of Modern Marvels episodes. My main complaint is that the network used to run nothing but historical documentaries. Now it is nothing but reality shows. Maybe it is because I did not major in history, but I cannot see how Ice Road Truckers or Ax Men are historical. Neither one seem to have any history in them, just a bunch of fat guys driving on dangerous terrain doing dangerous jobs. For that matter, the aforementioned Modern Marvels OS probably the last show to feature any history in it. Pawn Stars and American Pickers barely squeek by, and this is because of the very minute amount of actually in either of these shows. Pawn Stars is becoming more of the “How will Chumlee piss off Rick this week” show.

I used to watch the network because they hat actually historical programming, but now I can see the reality show phase is not going away. On Saturday mornings, we would watch Mark Sommers hosting a Jeopardy-esq game show wherein contestants tried to answer questions with either the year the historical event took place, or name the historical event. Now that slot has been filled with the latest episode of whatever reality show is a hit for the network…

It’s not all bad, however. Remember the blockbuster “Hatfields and the McCoy’s” than gained them seventeen million viewers? Well History is at of again with shows like “Mankind:the story of all of us” and “Vikings”, which I personally look forward to seeing in March. If history could drop their reality show programming and return to their roots, they could contend with the big basic cable networks, or even surpass them entirley. I do enjoy watching “How the States got their Shapes” if for nothing else, than it being toluene sole historical programming currently on the network. I tried watching “I Love the 1880s but after one segment, I deduced that it was nothing more than a lame attempt at parody. Parody for a show that is on and of itself a parody of pop culture from various decades…the lack of any musical programming on the networks of VH1 and MTV are their own articles to be written at a later time… How people can watch this network for any length of time is beyond me.

Bring this History back or change your network’s name is what I ask of you

Poker is a sport?

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2013 at 5:18 AM

As any hockey fan can tell you, ESPN does not give a hang about our sport, yet will devote countless hours to Texas Hold’em poker. It is in a way the fault of the NHL lockout of 04/05 season. Before then, no one cared about poker, but ESPN needed something to fill the void created by the absence of the National Hockey League, and some turd at ESPN decided that poker was the fit…thanks Gary Bettman.

I don’t mind seeing Jennifer Tilly playing poker, but when the sports world has the most famous trophy returning,your program SportsCenter should at least mention it, even if it’s just to close out a segment before returning to suckling from the teat of college ball.

Poker, new, or old has no place in a network that is supposed to be “The Worldwide Leader in Sports”. Last time I checked poker games whet not a sport. It may make for good TV to have Jenifer Tilly’s cleavage on screen for three hours, but the ‘S’ in ESPN stands for SPORTS. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy a game every now and then, but I prefer to watch sports on a sports network; if I want PG-13 shots of boob, I am in possession of the internet and a vast collection of DVDs, I don’t need a Disney-owned network cramming it down my throat.

I am surprised that the current lockout didn’t see a rise of billiards or some such nonsense like that, of course, the NHL’s move to the NBC Sports network may have played a major part in that… Speaking of NBC Sports, during the lockout, they had poor Mike Emrick covering figure skating, for Pete’s sake! Doc’s voice is not suited for that type of announcing. That is like having Howard Cosell announcing a snail race!

Before someone asks, I don’t want ESPN to eliminate the World Series of Poker totally from their lineup, but I would like to see less of it broadcast, and in its stead, more actual sports. Even lacrosse will be accepted, hell ping pong is the national sport of China, and here it is played by drunk college kids…ok, wait I would file another blog if ESPN started running that instead of another sport, so never mind.

In closing, all I really want is more than a passing mention that the LA Kings are the new “Stanley Cup Champions”. Is that too much too ask? I know that I’m not alone in this…am I?

Well, they settled it

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2013 at 12:08 AM

A few days ago, the NHL and NHLPA came to an agreement on terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. I was still awake when the news hit my Twitter feed at 2:20 AM California time. I was surprised that I didn’t wake up my family with my shouting. The federal mediator who bright the two sides together worked tirelessly for 15 straight hours just to see the two sides agree on something. He had to break a lot of shoe leather in doing so, as the two sides where separated by an entire city block. I applaud him and his work for bring the two sides together.

A lot of websites are reporting the terms of the agreement, so I wont bog you down again. Suffice it to say that any hockey site other than the NHL.com would be a good starting block. I for one did not give up hope that they would get a season underway, but I was starting to feel that they couldn’t get one in time for the Winter Classic or the All-Star Game, ancient was right, as both had to be cancelled. Cancelling the Winter Classic was a huge blow, as it Gabe many fans the only alternative to college hall games, not to mention that the revenue the NHL generated for themselves was a huge boot to the sport. A saving grace is that next January first, we will see the Detroit Redwongs and Toronto Maple Leafs face off in Detroit next year.

I only hope that both sides keep the CBA for the full ten years, so we don’t have to do this again in eight. Thanks Scott for bring the two sides back together.

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