Samsung Admire mini review

In Uncategorized on January 6, 2013 at 8:31 AM

For those who know me, my old LG Rumor Touch was great, right up until of died on me. Well, actually the phone worked, just the screen died. I.was without a phone for the better part of two weeks; I felt like I was Amish. Just a few days ago, I went down to the store and got my first “Smartphone”. The Samsung Admire from METROPCS, and I love it.

I haven’t gotten all of the bells and whistles figured out on it yet, but I am finding more and more as each passing second goes on. Mu favourite feature is the Swype keyboard, eventhoigh I am using the Android keyboard to file this blog. The voice feature could use some improvements, as an earlier text to my mother made it seem as though I am a cross dresser.. Hilarity did ensue from that incident. The camera is a big jump from the old Rumor’s, as is the video camera option. It does not have a front facing camera but I am not troubled by that, as o don’t need to.see myself while taking pictures. It has a YouTube app so I can watch, shoot and share all of the usual videos.

The Android marketplace has a fantastic.selection of apps and I.babe not encountered Any problems while downloading them. The phone is a nice fit for my hands, as was the Rumor. The screen is fantastic and I cannot get over how it makes all of the pictures look when you look at them. It is simply sublime.

This.is my first smartphone and my first android so I am sire that there will be a feeling out process as time goes bye.

It is a 3G phone but the wifi makes surfing the internet a breeze. I was not aware that so many apps where out there, more importantly Facebook and Twitter. They have been the ones to get the most use from me. I am an amateur author so the Think Free Write app is third in line for my attention. It did come.pre.installed with the usual carrier’s “Bloatware” bit thankfully it can be deleted and thus teeing up some space on

the phone.

I will miss the Sprint TV as my nephew loved watching SpongeBob on our visits..mayne there is an app for that?

I was going to.get the Coolpad Quattro bit they didn’t have that model in stock.when I purchased this phone. I believe that it was a blessing in disguise however, as all

of the reviews I have read directed me away from that phone.

Totally content with this and loving it.

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