Poker is a sport?

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2013 at 5:18 AM

As any hockey fan can tell you, ESPN does not give a hang about our sport, yet will devote countless hours to Texas Hold’em poker. It is in a way the fault of the NHL lockout of 04/05 season. Before then, no one cared about poker, but ESPN needed something to fill the void created by the absence of the National Hockey League, and some turd at ESPN decided that poker was the fit…thanks Gary Bettman.

I don’t mind seeing Jennifer Tilly playing poker, but when the sports world has the most famous trophy returning,your program SportsCenter should at least mention it, even if it’s just to close out a segment before returning to suckling from the teat of college ball.

Poker, new, or old has no place in a network that is supposed to be “The Worldwide Leader in Sports”. Last time I checked poker games whet not a sport. It may make for good TV to have Jenifer Tilly’s cleavage on screen for three hours, but the ‘S’ in ESPN stands for SPORTS. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy a game every now and then, but I prefer to watch sports on a sports network; if I want PG-13 shots of boob, I am in possession of the internet and a vast collection of DVDs, I don’t need a Disney-owned network cramming it down my throat.

I am surprised that the current lockout didn’t see a rise of billiards or some such nonsense like that, of course, the NHL’s move to the NBC Sports network may have played a major part in that… Speaking of NBC Sports, during the lockout, they had poor Mike Emrick covering figure skating, for Pete’s sake! Doc’s voice is not suited for that type of announcing. That is like having Howard Cosell announcing a snail race!

Before someone asks, I don’t want ESPN to eliminate the World Series of Poker totally from their lineup, but I would like to see less of it broadcast, and in its stead, more actual sports. Even lacrosse will be accepted, hell ping pong is the national sport of China, and here it is played by drunk college kids…ok, wait I would file another blog if ESPN started running that instead of another sport, so never mind.

In closing, all I really want is more than a passing mention that the LA Kings are the new “Stanley Cup Champions”. Is that too much too ask? I know that I’m not alone in this…am I?

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