History made every day?

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2013 at 12:54 PM

As I write this, the History channel is in the midst of a Marathon of Modern Marvels episodes. My main complaint is that the network used to run nothing but historical documentaries. Now it is nothing but reality shows. Maybe it is because I did not major in history, but I cannot see how Ice Road Truckers or Ax Men are historical. Neither one seem to have any history in them, just a bunch of fat guys driving on dangerous terrain doing dangerous jobs. For that matter, the aforementioned Modern Marvels OS probably the last show to feature any history in it. Pawn Stars and American Pickers barely squeek by, and this is because of the very minute amount of actually in either of these shows. Pawn Stars is becoming more of the “How will Chumlee piss off Rick this week” show.

I used to watch the network because they hat actually historical programming, but now I can see the reality show phase is not going away. On Saturday mornings, we would watch Mark Sommers hosting a Jeopardy-esq game show wherein contestants tried to answer questions with either the year the historical event took place, or name the historical event. Now that slot has been filled with the latest episode of whatever reality show is a hit for the network…

It’s not all bad, however. Remember the blockbuster “Hatfields and the McCoy’s” than gained them seventeen million viewers? Well History is at of again with shows like “Mankind:the story of all of us” and “Vikings”, which I personally look forward to seeing in March. If history could drop their reality show programming and return to their roots, they could contend with the big basic cable networks, or even surpass them entirley. I do enjoy watching “How the States got their Shapes” if for nothing else, than it being toluene sole historical programming currently on the network. I tried watching “I Love the 1880s but after one segment, I deduced that it was nothing more than a lame attempt at parody. Parody for a show that is on and of itself a parody of pop culture from various decades…the lack of any musical programming on the networks of VH1 and MTV are their own articles to be written at a later time… How people can watch this network for any length of time is beyond me.

Bring this History back or change your network’s name is what I ask of you


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