Farewell to the Kings

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2013 at 6:05 AM

This week brought about news that the Sacramento Kings had been sold to a group in Seattle. The deal was reportedly for 500 million dollars. I was elated for the simple reason that in the last five years, the team has been pure garbage. Their first mistake was firing their head coach, Rick Addleman. The man who took them to the NBA finals 3 out of five years, each ending in the Commence rounds. Then they started hiring players who where sub-par, or trading their good players for garbage ones.

Next came the revolving door of coaches. Mussleman was arrested for DUI the day his one year coaching stint was slated to begin. Smooth move, Maloofs…

Needless to say, I was elated when they announced the departure for Seattle. But, now yet another move is under foot to keep the team here. Their plan, apparently is to bulldoze the Downtown Plaza in order to build them another stadium. Why waste the funds on a team that would rather jump ship anyway? If California is trying tho recover from its budget defect, than wasting millions of tax payer dollars to give the Maloofs a new stadium is NOT the way too do it.

My question is if the new stadium is constructed on K street, where is the light rail going to go? It runs right through that area, and many citizens, myself included, find it a great advantage to hop on the bus and go shopping at the Downtown Plaza. In my last adventure to “The K”, I asked a few business owners if they wanted the new arena. The words they used are not fit to print, but suffice it to say that it was an overwhelming “no”.

Our mayor said that keeping the Kings here was an economic boost to the city. Really, Mr. Mayor? An economic boost? The last game that was broad cast was played before a half-empty stadium. How is it an economic boost? I know the stadium is “ancient” in sports stadium years, but when beer and hot dogs for two run more than your family’s grocery bill – a task that many Sacramento citizens can ill-afford, I say it is time to let them go.

Maybe it is the fact that Sacramento is, in fact a small town that is the drive to keep the team here? Or maybe the government officials know that without the basketball team, Sacramento will be forgotten?

This isn’t the first time the Maloofs have tried to get a new stadium. A few years ago they put the stadium creation up to the hands of the voters. It failed miserably. They wanted to put it in the old rail yards located in Old Sac, but they decided that would not work. In typical school boy fashion, the Maloofs took their idea to another town. Well it must have worked, because now the city government is practictly giving the team a full release to keep the team here. Their first venture would’ve seen the Maloofs getting ALL MONIES from the stadium, which is fine, except they wanted the city and the tax payers to build it…

I say that if the Maloofs want to sell their horrible team to another state, fine. If they want to keep the team, and build their stadium, fine. But the Maloofs have more money than a good portion of Sacramento’s citizens, so if they want a new stadium to attract the big name celebrities that don’t live in Sacramento, then they should build the damn thing, then, and only then should they be upset that they cannot keep all of the monies generated by the venue.

Here are a few ideas to follow if the Maloofs want a stadium. Give them five years to win the NBA championship. All they have to do is win it one year, but two of the five years, they MUST reach the finals.
They also have the five years to find and acquire a head coach and a team that can actually play the game of basketball.
If the city is to build the arena, then the city is to keep the money. It is only right.
Failing that, the Maloofs can take their team, our sell it, or whatever they want to do with them, this blogger could not care any less about about the team than he already does


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