Plastic surgery run amok

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Some time ago, I blogged about the medication problem in this country. This blog will be about the cosmetic surgery problem. Don’t worry, this will not contain any images that are labled NSFW, so feel free to browse while you work…

The problem that I have with plastic surgery is that people, mainly young females who get it just because they can. Young women who obviously have no personalities rush into these offices because the frat boy up the road will only talk to the big chested girls and not to them. He is only interested in you for the boobies. Develop a personality, or highlight what nature gave you. Recently I read about a doctor who will try to talk these young gals out of getting the work done if he feels that they have a real disorder in their minds. He should be commended.

I’m not saying that plastic surgery hasn’t done any good; it has. The men and women serving in the military who come back with injuries and deformities who get it to look somewhat “normal” is fine. In fact, it is the only reason that I can see to get it. Many people do Ned it for whatever reason, be it a jilted lover who took a flame thrower to your face, or an accident that scarred you for life.

This is just my opinion, but I believe that these girls that get a breast augmentation need counciling of some kind. Be it because your step dad was a little to loose with personal boundaries, or your neighbour did not know that no means no…. I get that the older folks who are vapid and shallow “need” the facelift because their like-minded “friends” can’t bare the thought of Snobby McSnob looking her age. If you get it to impress someone who claims to be a friend, then they are not your friend, as true friends look to what’s inside your heart, not your shirt.

I guess that a lot of this comes from my living in California for most of my life, where a person with a surgery is as common as a man with a shirt on, bit at what point do you stop? The entertainment industry is no help, as they seem to only feature the women who have had more plastic in them then the entire run of Barbie Dolls has had in a year. Some, if not all of the blame could be put onto the shoulders of the parents. Not all of them where like mine, who believe that what you have is what you need. These scumbag parents who tell their young, impressionable children that the only way to get ahead in life is to be fake, is deplorable. If you ease your children to have inner confidence, like mine did, then they will not have the need to work at seventy jobs Joliet to save up for a new pair of breasts. I’m not saying that on perfect; far from it.

I can not think of one positive aspect of getting plastic surgery, other than the ones listed above. If i could talk to these girls, I would just ask them why the feel the need to get any work done. If you have a few extra pounds to lose, join a gym. If you have a big nose, be proud of your heritage. Big butt? Join a gym that will help you loose it, or buy clothes that hide it. A pair of pants costs about twenty bucks, a surgery to rid yourself of it costs many hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention a pair or trousers does not come with a risk of dying…

Not to mention that most women want a “real” man. Well having fake breasts, hair, skin tans is not exactly being real, is it?

When I was a lad, I watched these plastic surgery documentaries. I was young and thought that they where great, but as I grew older, I grew to detest the false breasts. I think that women who go from small natural breasts to gigantic fake breasts is just icky. On the other hand, I can understand the girls.who want the other side of the coin. These girls want their large natural breasts smaller, or removed completely, and replaced with fake ones. That is OK, and here’s why. I was watching one of these programs wherein a young girl’s entire family was stricken with breast cancer. She wanted to avoid the tragedy of having to explain to her young kids that she would not be able to attend their big moments in life, so she opted to have her breasts removed. She got them replaced with implants, but didn’t go any bigger than than a C cup, as that is what she had already, if memory serves. I can understand that, having a grandmother and uncle that died from cancer.

I hate that men are opting to go under the knife, but sadly it is a reality. Many men go to these doctors to get a penis enlargement, because they feel that having a (in their words, not mine) a tiny pecker was not an attribute that would get him many ladies. Well, as a man, I am not a supporter, and detractor of this. I feel that what I have is enough, but I’m fine with men going to get theirs enlarged. I am also OK with women going in to get their breasts, and whatever done, just for the record; their bodies, do whatever. I just prefer that the women I date to be as real as they want me to be, is all.

If you are planning on getting your body augmented, do research. Not just on your doctor, but the risks of surgery, your doctor’s operating procedures, your local and state laws, and whatever your heart desires. Hell, I’m sure that you can find a support group online that can help you make a decision in this matter, it is the internet, after all….

For the record, baring any unforeseen accident, I do not plan on having any work done. In happy with how I look, if you don’t like it, then don’t look; don’t care either way.

Take care young folks, and please, get a second opinion on your thoughts of getting plastic surgery done.

Thais for reading this, and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject

  1. i’ve read this before, but still interesting.

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