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Tonight saw the return of Dallas to TNT. It is the second season of the “new” series, and only two episodes in; I already lost interest.

When I first saw the series, I was hooked. The characters where top notch, acting, directing; loved all of it. Then I saw that TNT was renewing the series, and I instantly got excited. The first season came and went, and it got a few good reviews. Season two is not what I hoped for. Already into it and I am doubting that I will watch again next week.

It seems as though the writers have gotten bored, and are just rehashing the old stories with the new, younger cast members. SPOILERS: They are rehashing the Barnes/Ewing fedue with Rebecca, whom we found out last season was Cliff’s daughter, and Bobby’s boy Christopher. Yeah, the writers have run out of ideas already. I know that Larry Hagman was battling cancer at the time of filming, and thus could not be more involved with the show, but I feel that making him, Sue-Ellen and Bobby secondary characters to John Ross, Christopher, Elania and Rebecca just seems wrong. Yes, I know that the show is not geared to the older crowd (or those of us who discovered the show on DVD), but it would be nice to have one storyline featuring the original cast. I did like that Charlene Tilton may a cameo with the character Rey Crebbes (Who’s real name escapes me at the moment).

They kept the original house that was turned into a museum for the show after it wrapped some 20years ago. The layout for Southfork was anxiety breath taking. I think that it is missing the element that the original had; a character that everyone hated. The original had the late Larry Hagman as J.R, and this new one has John Ross Ewing the third, but I think he is meant for the females to gawk over, and not meant to be the hated character the series needs. The wonlmen are beautiful, but in total honesty, they aren’t the best choices. Maybe the writers, producers and casting directors had to get them dozen before Larry got to ill to film? I am by no means a critic, nor an actor, but I am the one sitting on my couch watching this every week wondering who the hell is enjoying this, as I feel that qualifies me to tell the internet my opinions.

Maybe if they found Victoria Principal and offered her a role along side the other Barnes members, then maybe the show would get better. I’m just spit balling here, but maybe the writers could make her the bblack sheep of the family and side with Bobby over her brother/niece. And wile we are on the topic of family, what is up.with Bobby’s wife finding out that her daughter was kidnapped and raised in England? That made no sends to me. Granted, this is just the first two episodes of the storyline, but already I am scratching my head over this one. Maybe they can decide this one and get it over quick. I figure that I ill give it until the midway point of the series before deciding on its fate. It’s not like there is anything else on television at the moment that is of any note.

So, in closing, I bid a fond rest in peace to the late, great Larry Hagman and ponder the fate the television programme that seems as though it cannot get that “Ah-ha!” Moment. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the issue with me.

Rest in peace Larry Hagman


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