Leave them wanting more

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2013 at 10:16 PM

As I sit here, the final episode of 30 Rock is in its last few minutes. I could not care less. When I first discovered the program, it was funny. Now it is just boring. I haven’t cared that it was ending for thready few seasons.

That got me thinking about the other shows that have lasted too long. Here they are in no particular order:

M*A*S*H* Did it really take eleven years to cover a three year war? The last few years became a chore to watch, and thanks to TV Land, I can watch the last years ad nasuem.

The X-Files is another show that lasted longer than it should’ve. The original run was supposed to be five years. The executive producers wanted to end it after that, but the show killers at Fox said no, here’s a bush of money. Fuck the show up!

Friends is another. Ross and Rachel having a baby and betting together at the end? Snore!

Star Trek. I hate to admit it, but The Next Generation was on too long. The original series (with Kirk) had three years and NBC pulled the plug after fucking  up the last two seasons.

The Office is another in the long list o shows that are on too long. Just because that it’s ending this season does not excuse the fact that it should have ended after Michael Scott left to start a family with Jan.

Mad TV is another. Will Sasso got skinny and left, and the show thought that Stephani Wheir was his replacement. Nope!

There are plethora of programs that I could add to the list, but I only have so much room in this blog. The aforementioned shows could’ve taken a lesson from the Babylon 5 Playbook. That show had a beginning, middle and end, and that’s it. It didn’t over stay its welcome. Sure people want it back, or even relaunched, but J.Michael said that the final episode where they blow up the station is it.

Hopefully all shows in the future can take a page from B5 and leave the world wanting more. One can hope…one…can…..hope…

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