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Today brought about new beginnings for me. Today I had my first real barbershop experience.

I’ve had my haircut countless tines in the past, but always by women. I always wondered why, a week later, I looked like crap. I found out recently that it’s because women cannot cut a man’s hair properly.

Well, today that changed. I found my new shop, Barberblues online. I booked my visit and waited. A long agonizing wait. Not at the shop, mind you, the wait was with me. I was excited to visit a man’s barbershop.

I walked in, and a man asked me “Do you have an appointment?” I told him I did and took my seat. The shop played NOTHING BUT BLUES MUSIC, which is my favourite genre and I looked around at all of the manly hair removal items. Razors, shaving brushes and creams, and not a female to be had. I did mention that this is a man’s barber, did I not? 

I took my seat and waited for the man ahead if me to finish. While I waited, I read the men’s magazines sitting on the table; not pornography, mind you, but sports and men’s publications such as Details and Gentleman’s Quarterly.
The chair inwhich I sat was beautiful. Comfy and perfectly placed for some great people watching. The atmosphere of the shop was light and jovial. The two barbers working that day were all to egar to talk with their customers. The other barbers that I’ve been to have all been closed off from their customers. Usually the only dialog heard is “What do you want? ” And that’s it.  At this one, they passed the tine with sports, and whatever you want.

Then they called my name. I walked over to the chair. It was time to see if I had found my new shop. The first thing that I found was that the barber chair was soft, like it should be. I assume that some people are more difficult to handle than others, but while u was there, my barber asked if he should take off the curls. I responded with “A regular man’s haircut”. I figure any man who cuts a man’s hair should know what that is. He said he “got me” and proceeded to do his thing. He said that he was a good pool player, but couldn’t work and play at the same time. I haven’t played in such a long time that I have probably forgotten how …..

When he finished up, he applied the shave cream AND USED A STRAIGHT RAZOR TO FINE TUNE THE EDGES!  Women don’t do that. He also notified me that he was going to apply some aftershave to the areas inwhich he took a razor to. It was enough to wake a man up!

I walked out of there with only a modest sum of $16 minus the tip out of pocket, and finding a new barbershop. The next time u go in, it will include a shave and a haircut. I have found my new barbershop, indeed! Thank you


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