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Perfect weather

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2013 at 11:33 PM

As I sit outside in my pajamas, it is a fantastic late winter /early spring night. I have been missing my nightly smokes due to the weather being too cold.

Today was the finest smoking weather I’ve had since I left Utah and the desert. The air is still, the temps are moderate. Everything about this night just screamed “GO OUTSIDE AND SMOKE!” So I did. If its the only thing that I love about California, it is hy far the weather; sure as hell isn’t the government…………

I’m smoking what we pipe smokers call the “Parfait bowl” which is to say that two or mike blends have been mixed. The first blend is a bit of Molto Dulche that my brother gave me, with some Brlurley and Black that I sandwich in with a top layer of the MD. The taste is fine, and can only be achieved if the blends are close in terms of smokability. Which means that they complement each other. I.e. two airomatics that mesh or two English blends, etc.

Normally, I would’ve tried this in my old corn cob pipe, but ye olde briar was close at hand. In fact, you should always smoke new or untried blends in a cob before you move on to a wodden or clay pipe, simply because the figs do not absorb the tars and juices that wood does and you wont “ghost” your bowl.

That is going to do it for this entry. Stay tuned for some more random musings

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