Fun for the whole family!

In annoyances on April 22, 2013 at 2:00 AM

As I type this, I am currently sucked in to a Marathon of Duck Dynasty. Normally, I shy away from “reality” TV, but I love that show!

I enjoy the fact that in four hours of watching it, I’ve not heard one *bleep* during the show. That can be either the fact that they don’t swear in life, or they don’t do it on camera. Either way, it is a great show that the entire family can gather ’round the telly and enjoy.

From Si and his crazy old man rants, to Phil’s overt masculinity to the boys’ good natured fun, this is a show that I wish I had discovered sooner, or at the very least, given a chance when it debuted a year or more ago!

The family reminds me of mine, in the fact that you have a crazy uncle, a few brothers and some parents always trying to hold them all together.

Recently, some jack-wagon on YouTube posted a video online claiming he had “proof” that the show was fake. I had to watch the video, and see for myself. In the video, he claims that the company isn’t really fun by the for guys that are featured on the show, due to the fact that the warehouse is full and they never show them getting any work done. Here’s why its a waste: OF COURSE THEY HAVE A TEAM OF WORKERS TO BUILD THE DUCK CALLS! Just because you don’t see it, does that make it fake? You don’t see tthe sunrise every morning, but we know that’s real. He also said that in one episode Si has a half empty glass of tea in one shot, and then it’s full in the next. Si has stated that in one episode (the episode where Willie has to go shopping with his daughter, to be exact) he ALWAYS keeps his tea jug handy. Just find an episode where he doesn’t carry the foolish thing around… The final claim this joker makes is that the beards and hair are fake. He said that one brother doesn’t have long hair or a beard, then the rrest of the family’s must be faked. Well, for starters, my brother doesn’t have a beard, so does that make mine fake? Some people just find it easier to shave everyday and not have the extra fur on their face. I think this cat was just bored, or looking for attention when he posted this video. Heck, maybe it was a combination of the two?

Either way you look at it, it is a very enjoyable programme and I hope that A&E keeps making them. I would like to thank the company for allowing me to enjoy their program and restoring some of my faith in humanity.

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